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Food Service Manager

Food Service Manager

Responsible to the General Director
Responsible to Conference Director during conferences/retreats
Responsible to Camp Director during camps

We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Director of Food Services to lead our culinary operations and ensure the delivery of high-quality meals for our camps, conferences, and retreats. The ideal candidate will have a passion for food service, experience in kitchen management, and a commitment to providing nutritious and delicious meals to our guests.

Key Responsibilities:
- Oversee all aspects of food service operations at the Mission, including meal planning, preparation, and service for groups
- Supervise kitchen staff and volunteers, providing leadership and guidance
- Develop and plan menus that are nutritious, varied, and appealing to guests
- Coordinate grocery orders with the General Director in a timely manner
- Ensure kitchen facilities and equipment are maintained in superior condition and meet sanitation standards
- Implement proper food storage, preservation, and safety practices in compliance with regulations
- Prepare for and pass government inspections related to food safety and cleanliness
- Ensure the delivery of balanced meals on time, at the right temperature, and in appropriate quantities
- Manage and maintain proper inventory

- Proven experience in kitchen supervision or as a head cook
- Demonstrated ability in meal planning and service for large groups (50-200 guests)
- Strong supervisory skills with the ability to lead and motivate kitchen staff and volunteers
- Knowledge of food safety regulations and best practices in food service
- Excellent menu planning skills with a focus on nutrition and variety
- Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members, clients, and stakeholders
- Ability to adapt to changing needs and priorities in a fast-paced environment
- Commitment to delivering high-quality meals with exceptional presentation and service
- Commitment to doing everything with excellence and to the Glory of God
- Great interpersonal skills

If you are passionate about food service, leadership, and making an impact in the lives of others, we invite you to apply!

Time:  Part-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 4/3/2024 3:36:07 PM

Job Contact:
Garry Griffin
(423) 365-9565

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