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Food Service Director

The Food Service Director is responsible for all food service and dining hall fulfillment and delivery at CLM.

1. Strive for excellent food quality and guest service in the management of all kitchen/dining operations which includes but is not limited to:
a. Meal planning and menu development in conjunction with the guest schedule.
b. Food supply ordering and inventory management.
c. Meal preparation, presentation, and service.
d. Service line management.
f. Dining room management.
g. Kitchen/dining area clean-up.

2. Work with all CLM staff in the development of a volunteer inventory, the assessment of individual volunteers for service, and the utilization of this resource whenever possible.

3. Management of all CLM food service areas and equipment.
a. Repair equipment as needed.
b. Procure equipment, as needed, within budget.

4. The administration of food services within reasonable cost constraints determined by guest and/or budget requirements.

5. The creation and maintenance of a professional environment during all events.

6. Manage kitchen staff.
a. Work schedule c. Skill development e. Labor law awareness
b. Hire d. Supervise f. Evaluate

7. Continued education of Food Service Director
a. CCI events b. Other avenues of education c. Online opportunities

Must be a "born-again” Christian who is growing in faith, character, and the knowledge of God.
Must be a Christian leader who is going somewhere and has the ability to persuade others to go with them.
Must demonstrate a life's call to a Christian camp service ministry.
Prefer a minimum of 5 years of experience in Food Service and Hospitality.
ServSafe Certified.
Believes and communicates that Food Service is an essential part of a Christian camping ministry. Must have the heart to care for and develop all staff in the area of food service.
Ability to prepare and serve a wide range of foods skillfully for groups as large as 300 plus.
Must recognize Food Service as two things: Production and Guest Services.
This includes
- Modeling skills used in preparing and serving food
- Anticipating guest needs
Modeling excellence in hospitality
Must have a positive attitude with a "servants" heart.
Must be teachable and a proven teacher.
Must be well organized and proactive - a self-starter.
Must be "cool-headed" under pressure.
Must be a problem solver.
Must be a good judge of character (discernment).
Must have the ability to interact and relate to all age groups.
Must have a developed sense to discern needs with a strong desire to meet and/or exceed those needs.
Must have proven integrity with regular demonstration of being above reproach.
Must be respected by others and one who others naturally look up to.
Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
Strong interpersonal skills with a good sense of humor.
Proven relationship builder.
Excellent time management and organizational skills.
AED, First Aid, CPR certification required.
Must possess a valid Indiana driver's license.

Salary Range
$35,000 - $48,000 dependent on experience

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 7/2/2024 4:43:11 PM

Job Contact:
Michael James
(219) 374-5941

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