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Food Services Director

The Food Services Manager shall be responsible for all Food Services operations (Guest Group, Day and Summer Camp) including hiring, evaluating, scheduling, supervising all personnel; purchasing food & food related items; and planning, preparing & serving meals. Some of the below duties and tasks may be delegated to other food service personnel as deemed appropriate. However, the responsibility for overall maintenance of Men-O-Lan Standards will remain with the Food Services Manager.

Accountability: The Food Services Manager is accountable to the Executive Director.

1. 3+ years of food service experience.
2. Leadership and management experience
3. Serve Safe Certification
4. Computer literacy: including email, Microsoft Office, and Google calendar
5. Able to lift up to 50 lbs, bending and stocking food supplies.
6. Standing for long periods of time.
7. Pleasant Disposition and Servant’s heart.
8. Active belief and growth in Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Duties and Tasks:
1 Abide by and carry out all responsibilities as outlined in the Managers Job Description.
2 Establish and implement daily work schedules for all food service personnel Consult with Director for special needs and shared personnel.
3 Order food and food supplies for Men-O-Lan
4 Assure compliance with all applicable and governing food service codes and the high standards of Men-O-Lan.
5 Maintain food inventories and records (frozen, refrigerated and dry goods).
- Ensure that price and quality standards are being met.
- Check food orders in.
- Maintain records of quantities ordered and prices.
- Monitor levels of food, supplies and equipment for re-ordering purposes
6 Plan and implement menus.
- Design menus appropriate to the rate charged and the groups attending (type and number).
- Post menus at least the day before serving.
- Maintain records of past menus.
- Plan special meals and snacks in consultation with the Program Director or Guest Group Coordinator. Focusing on variety especially during summer programs.
- Assure that meals and snacks are provided for volunteers and workers as required.
7 Supervise food service operations.
- Organize, schedule and assign all food preparation, serving and cleanup activities including supplying and monitoring of the food line.
- Implement food service activity assignments.
- Maintain the high standards of sanitation in all aspects of food services.
- Assist with food service tasks.
- Assure that cleanup in kitchen and dining room is performed in accordance with the established food services manual.
- Assure that the periodic maintenance and cleanup of food service equipment is properly performed.
- Ensure a safe working environment.
8 Instruct food service department personnel on proper/ safe equipment operating procedures.
9 Any other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
Full-Time Salary position, with benefits (Housing and Insurance)
• Schedule includes weekends

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 8/21/2023 8:17:57 AM

Job Contact:
Brian Barr
(215) 679-5144

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