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Media Summer Intern

Our summer interns help facilitate the programmatic, relational, and spiritual elements of our home-repair summer projects, our summer Kid’s Camp, and our mercy ministry partnerships. Our media intern will be responsible for capturing all of the awesome moments throughout the summer and then be responsible for producing a finished product and making it accessible to everyone! These participants will range from 6th-12th grades along with college students and adult leaders. Summer interns are paired with one of our local church partners for the duration of the summer where they fully participate in the life and ministry of that church. A church-focused intern will lead groups of students to serve in a church ministry context including evangelism, outreach events, building repairs, children’s ministry and any other service opportunities at the church.

Duties and responsibilities
Build relationships and invest in youth throughout each week having fun times and deep conversations
Lead participants to serve on ministry sites a representative of TPP
Lead youth in games, activities and conversations that are fun and intentional
Set the tone spiritually and biblically for why groups are serving
Communicate TPP’s reasons for why we are serving in this area and community, explaining the context and the needs for our various areas of service
Lead your group so the youth pastor has more opportunity to build relationships with their students and less time worrying about logistical details and schedule
Assist with the logistics that make the week happen, such as meal logistics, club, building maintenance, cleaning, enforcing rules, etc.
Be a Christlike example to youth participants in service, worship and relationships
Live in community at TPP and participate in community building activities, training and meetings with other interns and staff
Attend and participate in weekly worship services at your assigned partner church
Serve in any way possible at partner church (slides, sound, worship, kids ministry, etc) and invest in the church community
Other duties as assigned by senior staff

Media Intern Specific Responsibilities
Create “Our Rules” video (using intern staff) before the first group arrives for Summer of Service
Capture pictures & video at each of our worksites, summer kids camp, Mercy Ministry sites, and during meals, Club, and evening activities
Create a 3-4 minute weekly video (7 videos total) to be shown at the end of each week
Create at least 1, 60 second highlight video each week for social media
Create a weekly photo album for Facebook
Develop excellent content for TPP’s social media
Organize and file edited photos and videos onto TPP’s media server

Ability to maintain an active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
Ability to maintain a positive, teachable attitude in all things, remaining Christ-centered in life
A willingness and ability to demonstrate and articulate one’s Christian faith
Excited about youth ministry
Ability to film and edit videos
Ability to take photos and edit
Ability to share and upload photos and videos to social media
Strong commitment to service and hardwork
Ability to commit and invest in the local church
Desire to engage in both urban neighborhoods and suburban communities
Oriented towards relationship
A commitment to racial reconciliation as a mission/calling of the church
Excitement to join an establish ministry in its calling to help rebuild churches, homes and neighborhoods
High school graduate, with at least one year experience or education
Vehicle and ability to drive around to various locations throughout Philadelphia, required

Working conditions
Be able to lift 25-30 lbs.
Be able to walk, squat/kneel, sit on floor, see, speak

Time:  Internship
Salary:  Must Raise Full Support
Category:  Support Staff / Intern



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Job Contact:
Courtney Zellers
(267) 388-0772

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