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Seasonal Staff Recruiter

Job Purpose:
To fulfill our mission by ensuring we are attracting, developing, and retaining a healthy community of summer staff who are valuable contributors to our mission.
To fulfill our mission by ensuring we are engaged in unique, aggressive, and relational recruiting.

Job Duties:
*Develop and maintain a recruiting process that is best-in-industry, within means,
and oversee it is implemented with excellence
*Work hard to write those processes down in a clear and organized manner, making
them easily teachable
*Create and maintain a written standard of overarching goals for hiring each year
(i.e. minimum number of staff to attend various events, type and amount of material
and equipment for staff to take to events, number of staff to hire per department,
maximum length of time before communication to applicants at each stage of the
hiring process, etc)
*Develop ways to hold hiring staff accountable to the above goals and processes
*Visually represent those goals in the workplace, frequently educating our staff in
staff meetings and ad-hoc meetings as to our success or failure in working towards
those goals
*Work with the Director of Programs to ascertain the desired number of summer staff
to hire in each department each year
*Create and maintain a recruiting calendar, communicating with all staff involved to
ensure they are participating according to goals set by their supervisor (e.g.
minimum number of days on the road)
*Each year, communicate with camp fair organizers at schools and our staff for our
attendance, planning out the details
*Become fluent with using Salesforce for recruiting campaigns, application tracking
system (ATS), and customer relationship management (CRM) functions
*Work with the Shared Service IT team to troubleshoot ATS for any issues.
*Frequently monitor recruiting campaigns for follow through, according to training
documentation, and hold others accountable for following through
*Work in conjunction with staff at other campuses to partner with them to participate
in marketing and recruiting in such a way to gain excellence and efficiency, sharing
*Develop swag to be used on the recruiting trail
*In conjunction with the retail manager, decide what merchandise will be taken on
the road for recruiting purposes
*Regularly and frequently stay up to date with your recruiting budget, ensuring
overspending doesn’t occur
*Keep in tension, the needs and desires for increasing the recruiting budget to
increase recruiting excellence with wise use of our financial resources, aiming to
strike a balance between the two
*Communicate weekly with recruiters at other campuses so each recruiter can be up
to date with possible lessons that we are all learning while looking for possible ways
to partner that would increase our excellence in recruiting and/or efficiency
*Work in conjunction with the social media team and program directors to suggest
social media campaigns that might support our recruiting and marketing efforts –
while understanding that the social media team should be leading this effort
*Work in conjunction with the media team and program directors to coordinate print
pieces for recruiting purposes – understanding all deadlines and providing feedback
on pieces and timeliness of production
*Travel for about 50 days of our retreat season for the purpose of recruiting summer
*Conduct first-round interviews for summer staff recruits to maintain a significant
amount of relationships with summer staff and to ensure our screening for these
applicants is consistent with our Child Protection Plan
*Develop and maintain training material for our hiring staff to ensure excellent
*Regularly provide yearly training for our hiring staff to ensure excellent hiring
*Occasionally provide in-service training to maintain excellent hiring processes
*Oversee the entire hiring process of all summer staff, ensuring that all hiring staff
are following the hiring process, especially in a timely manner and with good
*Work with our Human Resources staff to ensure our hiring processes are legal and
following best practices, at least once per year, and when we have any hiring policy
or process changes
*Understand hiring liabilities and work to make sure our hiring processes minimize
those liabilities (e.g. we do not want to discriminate)
*In coordination with department heads who hire summer staff, develop methods for
serving and loving summer staff in a way that develops and retains them and makes
them feel heard and loved (e.g. prayer, one-on-one’s, HAF homes, day off events,
special meals prepared by community members, special trip to local restaurant)
*Communicate with Camp Eagle community members, early and often, about
opportunities to engage with summer staff before, during, and after the summer
(e.g. prayer, one-on-one, HAF homes, Home For The Holidays)
*Regularly conduct weekly surveys with our summer staff, learning from them about
how the summer is going and their health
*Communicate survey responses regularly with their supervisors, looking for trends
that we can address
*Conduct a broader and more in-depth survey twice per summer for all summer staff,
ensuring a high response rate, and questions that help you learn the best way to
fulfill our mission by ensuring we are attracting, developing, and retaining a healthy
community of summer staff who are valuable contributors to our mission
*Develop meaningful relationships with summer staff
*Develop a returning staff program that is industry-leading and ensure its
*Have a goal to have one of the highest returning staff percentages in the camping
*Develop a campus representative program that is highly sought after, is industry-l
leading, and ensures its implementation
*Regularly seek out industry professionals at least once per year, to learn and apply
their best practices to our recruiting and marketing processes – within means and
as long as their best practices are in line with our mission, vision, and values
*When applicable, manage a recruiting and marketing intern according to Camp
Eagle’s mission, vision, values, playbook, and management “triangle” working to
develop them professionally
*Infrequently facilitate or assist with groups during the busier parts of the retreat
*Stay up to date with skillful screening practices, always looking for red flags of
current and potential summer staff and communicating those red flags with their
supervisor and leadership quickly OR screening them from the hiring process
*Work to make sure all hiring staff are also following the same skillful screening
practices and communicating red flags in the same way

Other Duties of ALL Camp Eagle Staff:
Camp Eagle operates year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff will participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include: cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.

Education, Abilities, Skills, Experience:
The “ideal” candidate will have:
Bachelor’s degree or 3-4 years experience in camping
1-2 years experience in recruiting or face-to-face marketing
Proficient in learning new computer systems, data entry, and organization of data gathered from trips
Willingness to perform routine tasks regularly and on time, with deadlines weekly and monthly for most tasks
Comfortable in speaking to large groups of people and enjoys one on one conversation
Creative thinker and up-to-date on what is trending
Servant’s heart
Understands the importance of good recordkeeping
Excellent personal hygiene and manners to represent camp well at all times while on duty
Embodies Camp Eagle’s mission, vision, and values, and communicates them often and easily in the hiring and recruiting process in an easy relational manner
Skilled at the professional representation of camp
Comfortable on the phone, conducting interviews
Attitude of enthusiasm, taking initiative, willingness to learn, integrity, flexibility
Ability to relate to kids, youth, and adult guests in a professional and friendly manner

Ability to work well on a team

Strong desire for healthy communication between staff and potential staff

When delegating tasks, delegate in a way that invokes a healthy response

Excellent managerial skills and experience in providing a positive work environment for intern/s and/or campus representatives

Strong sense of stewardship

Work Context: This job will be performed both on and off Camp Eagle’s main campus.
Travel: Will travel up to 30% of every month to pre-scheduled appointments with schools, churches, and student ministries throughout the region.
Physical Demands:
Ability to drive long distances, work outside in any and all weather conditions, and sit or stand for long periods of time
Ability to frequently lift, carry, and set up recruiting and marketing equipment and material.

Work Environment:
Will consistently work indoors between marketing trips, but occasionally be asked to fill in throughout camp, including outdoors in unfavorable weather conditions
Compensation: Salary, On-site housing, medical insurance, 401(k) retirement package after one year, paid vacation time, basic utilities, and some meals are provided on and off camp

Disclaimer: This Job Description is not a complete reflection of all that this job will require of you. Please be aware that a “one team” mindset is crucial for this position; often all hands will be called on deck and you will be asked to serve long days with a gracious attitude towards staff and guests.

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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant



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Job Contact:
Adam Betterton
(830) 683-3219

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