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Executive Assistant

Overview: Berea is searching for a qualified, highly motivated, and organized individual who will ensure the safe, effective, and efficient use of the site in regards to the ministries, programs, conferences, and guest groups through leadership, vision, action, and teamwork. This position reports to the President/CEO.

This is a key hire as Berea continues to grow and expand operations across our locations. Our year-round programs continue to attract increasing numbers of attendees from around the Northeast.

- Each of Berea’s staff members are responsible to interact with guests as a function of their job to achieve Berea’s mission and help people take their Next Step with Jesus Christ. Therefore, every employee is responsible to uphold, embrace, and live out Berea’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. It is crucial that each employee, regardless of their role, seeks to become more like Christ each day as part of their work to help foster an environment where true life-change can occur.
- Working with a full-time team of driven and passionate people
- Setting an example of joyful service
- Assist the President/CEO in all possible ways including, but not limited to:
o Maintaining good partner relations with clear communications and preparing the President/CEO.
o Reduce any administrative work and reduce participation in day-to-day tasks for the President/CEO.
o Act as liaison between President/CEO and Full Time Staff.
o Database management (entering donations, updating and maintaining donor profiles, managing mailing lists, etc.)
o Partnership preparation for programs (reporting, prepping staff, etc.).
o Managing the President/CEO’s calendar, organizing events and trips, and scheduling routine meetings with the leadership staff.
o Attending meetings and taking notes.
- Responsible for managing and updating SOPs.
- Responsible for maintaining all partnership records, monthly and annual reporting, monthly receipting, writing and editing letters, and other related tasks.
- Maintaining state, local, OSHA, and ACA standards
- A passion for Jesus Christ and His Church is required.
- Disciplined, dependable, general common sense; flexible, teachable, willing to grow; good with people
- Leadership experience
- Significant camping experience preferred
- Passion for creativity and innovation to make guests’ experiences the best possible
- Strong organizational skills.
- Ability to communicate verbally or in writing clearly, concisely, and in a caring manner
- Familiarity with the Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, etc.)
- Valid driver’s license

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Clerical/Office



Updated: 1/14/2022 2:28:38 PM

Job Contact:
Sarah Nunes
(603) 744-6344

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Why work at Camp Berea, Inc.:

Berea Ministries' year-round programs at Camp Berea (Hebron, NH), Camp Monadnock (Jaffrey, NH), and Camp Kerith (Lyman, ME) continue to attract increasing numbers of campers from around the Northeast. We are known for our innovative programming and quality service.

68 Berea Road
    Hebron, NH 03241-7401

(603) 744-6344

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