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Executive Director

Quaker Ridge Camp - QRC
Quaker Ridge Camp Board - QRCB

Management of the QRC grounds and the camp’s employees, this includes recruiting, hiring, pay role, benefit management, and terminating employees. Addressing and or reporting damage caused on the property, addressing, and dealing with people found on property without permission. Management of natural resources of QRC property, working on proper conservation and addressing issues that arise to the QRC Board.
Agree with RMYM faith and practice. Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus and personal testimony of your life in Christ. Require reasonable Christian living standards in your life and of those you manage as employees of QRC.

Management of QRC accounts, bookkeeping, reporting. Occasional banking, record keeping, filing with IRS, state, county or other government interest as needed. (water rights, childcare licensing, codes, food service, etc.) Ordering special equipment or utilities needed at the camp (Propane, vehicles, tractor, amenity care) Meeting with and gaining understanding from QRC lawyers, over variety of issues, as needed. Development and adherence to budget. Making reports on these items to present to QRC Board.

Attend QRC Board meetings to discuss camp policy and management as needed, and discuss reports and budgets. Close communications with QRCB president/s. Meet with QRCB President as needed for banking, or other official action needs.
Generally making sure Camp can function, and renters of the camp are cared for in the face of adverse conditions (during loss of key employees, sickness and other troubles) The director must do what it takes to keep things on track, and/or inform Board president/s of significant needs.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Camp Director



Updated: 1/8/2022 12:00:25 PM

Job Contact:
Dave Savery
(719) 687-9012

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Why work at Quaker Ridge Camp:

We are located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and offer many things to do and see while you're here. The ministry experience you will recieve is invaluable.

PO Box 7260
    Woodand Park, CO 80863

(719) 687-9012

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