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Camp Michawana Registrar

Key Summary & Focus: The Registrar serves the purpose of leading, organizing, and strategically monitoring registrations and participants for all Camp Michawana events and retreats.

The Registrar answers to the Executive Director [ED], and will work in tandem with the ED to oversee and execute a successful registration process at Camp Michawana [CM]. The Registrar is responsible for overseeing, and--with guidance and oversight from the ED--growing the following areas with the help of supporting staff and volunteers:

? Process all registrations for CM programmed events and retreats
? Update and maintain cloud based registration software [Campbrain]
? Track and manage scholarship requests and scholarship funds
? Organize and oversee registration processes for camper check-in and check-out
? Develop scholarship agreements with social agencies and partnering churches
? Provide necessary reports for upcoming events and programs
? Ensure the completion of camper/participants paperwork prior to their participation
? Communicate with campers/participants through email confirmations, invoices, and general information
? Complete cabin assignments and prepare necessary camper information

Key Skills/Abilities:
The Registrar of Camp Michawana is to be a Christ-following, proven, self-motivated, mission-driven professional. The Registrar is responsible for the monthly and quarterly communications as well as individual meetings and relationship building between CM and donors/alumni.

The Registrar is to be a dynamic, spirit-filled, mature, people-positive professional with significant experience in planning, leading, and supervising growing relationships and networking. The Registrar needs to be highly proficient in building and facilitating relationships on a variety of different levels.

Key Strategic Role:
? Working to strengthen the relationship, and ensure proper documentation, between CM and its campers.

Soul Care: Committed Christian (with spiritual transformation testimony, both past, and present), demonstrates Biblical financial responsibility characteristics, spiritual partner [mentor, confidant, Barnabas] to represent CM to donors and volunteers.

Key Relationships: ED, Senior Program Director (SPD), Key Local Partners (i.e. agencies, churches, etc)

Role Qualifications:

? Requires 2 years’ experience in an administrative role.
? Demonstrates skills in interpersonal communication, organizational systems, task-management, and registration management.
? Understands and can develop and implement/improve communications between CM campers/participants and families
? Demonstrates skills in customer service, organization, communication, teamwork and development
? Is highly motivated with the consistent ability to meet or exceed goals
? Possesses ability to quickly build rapport and develop relationships with staff, volunteers, program prospects, and others to achieve goals.
? Is consistently self-driven and goal-oriented, with the ability to set effective team and individual goals while taking ownership of results.
? Demonstrates an ability to multi-task and adapt to changing contexts and priorities.
? Possesses strong analytical and critical-thinking skills, with the ability to identify and leverage relevant data to use in planning and decision-making.
? Has ability to understand, adapt to, interact, and demonstrate influence with diverse people, teams, perspectives, and cultures.
? Is proficient in using email, internet, and other PC-based applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) with the ability to learn and adapt to new technology.

Essential Role Functions:

Key duties include:
? Processing all registrations
o For all events within the CM program
o Provide proper documentation of necessary forms
? Maintain documentation necessary to meet State and Accreditation guidelines regarding registrations
o Properly store registration documents
o Remain current on regulations issued from State, Health Departments, Accrediting bodies
o Complete cabin assignments and provide necessary documentation
o Provide reports, and any other requested documentation during inspections
? Communicate and develop relationships with current partners (churches, organizations, businesses)
o Ensure solid communication with group leaders
o Update and oversee scholarship agreements
? Work alongside ED and SPD to influence group schedules to promote an appropriate diversity ratio within our campers
? Oversee proper financial tracking relative to registered campers
o Household account information
o Allocation of received funds to proper camper account
o Transaction tracking and invoicing
? Assist in new partner development
o working alongside the SPD and other employees to develop relationships with new churches, organizations, businesses, etc..
o Attend and promote CM at various events as needed
o Oversee development of necessary promotion material relative to guest groups

Fiscal Management:

1. Oversees and manages all scholarship requests in tandem with the ED.
2. Keeps record and submits report for Angel Tree reporting and reimbursement.
3. Monitors and manages campers/participants household accounts and balances.
4. Provides necessary financial reports to ED and BM.

Leadership Competencies:

Mission Focus: Reinforces CM’s mission, vision, and values within the organization and the greater community. Effectively communicates the benefits and impact of CM for all potential and registered guests.

Registrar Management Effectiveness: Integrates multiple thinking processes to make decisions. Involve and utilize current CM staff, volunteers, and supporters for the furtherance in the development and execution of positive, impactful relationships CM has with its registered and potential guests/participants. Ensures the successful execution of all key essential role functions.

Personal and Spiritual Growth: Fosters a leader learning environment embracing diverse abilities and approaches from a strong Bible-centric focus and purpose. Creates a sense of urgency and positive tension to support people change and spiritual transformation. Has the spiritual, functional, and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well and thrive; uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology and program enhancement.

Robust Collaboration: Builds and nurtures strategic processes to enhance participation in CM ministry. Serves as a visible community partner in building long-term, valuable collaborations based on trust and credibility to advance CM’s mission and goals. Communicates for influence to attain buy-in and support goals. Provides spiritual awareness, useful tools, and creative resources to serve the development of others.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Clerical/Office



Updated: 11/29/2021 1:21:34 PM

Job Contact:
Terry Wendt
(269) 623-5168

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Why work at Camp Michawana:

Our vision is to be a leading summer camp, guest group center and campground by providing impactful programming, appealing facilities & exceptional hospitality “Where Christ is First." Our mission is to plant the Word of God into lives so that each camper will know Christ as their Savior and become unashamed in their faith, living purposely for the Lord. (2 Timothy 2:15)

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(269) 623-5168

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