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Facilities Manager

Camp Caudle

Responsible to: the Executive Director

Responsible for: Keeping this campus God has blessed us with beautiful and functioning at a high level for our guests. Leading hourly, summer staff and volunteer staff assigned to the maintenance department. Maintain open communication with the other staff being sensitive to any needs of which you may be able to help.


General: To maintain the physical properties of the camp. This includes 28 buildings and 70 acres along with vehicles and equipment. Accomplishing this objective is to be consistent with the principles of the Christian faith and in a manner that will glorify Jesus Christ.


1. Keep vehicles, equipment, and buildings in good repair. Maintain a periodic maintenance system on all vehicles, equipment and building mechanical systems, including plumbing, electrical, heating, refrigeration and utility systems. Make minor repairs at your own initiative, but major repairs need approval of the Executive Director.

2. Utilities: Be able to fix leaks in pipes, fix minor electrical problems, keep propane tanks filled, septic tank alarms, and other repairs common to the position.

3. Maintain kitchen equipment

4. Keep grounds neat and clean as they provide the first impression for visitors upon the grounds. These grounds are dedicated to the glory of God and should be maintained in a manner that will glorify Him. This includes mowing, weedeating, spraying, use of tractor, etc.

5. Supervise security of all buildings and contents.

6. Monitor maintenance schedules for both fire-detection and fire-fighting equipment. Provide emergency procedures to all staff.

7. Coordinate construction and maintenance of all activity equipment with the Program Coordinator.

8. Maintain up-to-date procedures for use of cleansers, chemicals, equipment, etc.

9. Communicate and work with the Program Coordinator concerning guests on property. Help prepare buildings for public use then shut down the buildings after the public is off the grounds.

10. Maintain and control physical operations of the swimming pond.

11. Along with the Executive Director, set and maintain an annual budget for your department.

12. Attend all Staff Meetings. Along with the other staff.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 10/27/2021 11:01:23 AM

Job Contact:
Lee Henson
(479) 331-4924

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