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Equestrian Program Supervisor

We enjoy a thriving horse program and would love to have a person join our team and continue the rich tradition at Village Creek Bible Camp. We want to find that person to join our staff team who loves Jesus, loves people and loves HORSES and the ministry opportunities that come with having them at Camp.

Job Overview
This position is responsible to fulfill the mission, vision, and commitments of Village Creek Bible Camp through the leadership of the equestrian program and resources. This includes all horse-related camps and activities, including management of the herd, wrangler staff, program development, health and safety, training, riding programs, classes, barn, pasture, and equipment management. This is a professional, full-time position located in the beautiful Northeast corner of Iowa. On-site housing is an option depending on family size and available space.

Duties and Responsibilities
Manages the equestrian program to provide an effective horsemanship program to campers, students, and guests. This includes staff supervision, overseeing safety compliance, evaluating and improving the program as needed, and managing the budget. Host and coordinate CHA and equestrian skills courses when appropriate.
Supervises and coordinates health care, herd composition, and training and feeding of Village Creek Bible Camp’s herd. Provides appropriate training for horses to ensure a safe and effective arena and trail ride program for campers, students, and guests.

Helps hire, then trains and supervises seasonal barn staff including teaching wranglers for summer and weekend help for retreat season. Provides instruction, supervision, and development as appropriate to ensure safe and quality equestrian program for all campers and guests.

Stewards the equestrian equipment inventory and facility. Coordinates pasture management to maximize grazing resources.

Provide leadership for all the operational support functions of the equestrian program including but not limited to hay acquisition, manure management, fencing repairs and general upkeep of the facility.

Serves as a resource for any additional functions as needed in the overall program of Village Creek Bible Camp. Summers are filled with horses, but retreat season there is a bit more variety in how this position helps during weekend retreats.

This job description is intended to represent key areas of responsibilities; specific assignments may vary from time to time, and other duties may be assigned.

Maintain compliance with VCBC’s employee policies and procedures.
Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements.
Submit recommendations for improving processes and procedures.
Perform other duties as required.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities includes:
Barn/facility maintenance and cleaning
Pasture maintenance ( rotational grazing, mowing and weed management)
Trail maintenance, creation, and development
Operate heavy equipment (tractors and attachments, telehandler)
Drive a trailer
Participate in hay mowing, baling and stacking
Feed horses when not on pasture.
Equipment care – i.e. clean, oil, repair, and replace tack as needed
Administrate the seasonal inspection of horse vehicles, trailers, and carts

Health/Management of the herd
Provide essential veterinary care and work in concert with local Veterinarians
Feeding schedule and nutritional needs of the herd and senior animals
Appropriate grooming of horses
Administrate fly management
Maintain written horse health records
Maintain veterinary supplies
Acquire supplies (feed, medical, etc.)
Buy and sell horses as needed to maximize VCBC programs (via Executive Director approval)
Evaluate potential donated horses for suitability to VCBC programs

Notice and correct safety hazards to campers, staff, and horses
Be able to know when a horse is unsafe for a particular rider
Report to the Director campers having difficulties or are not feeling well
Develop, post, and enforce all barn rules and safety procedures on a daily basis

Horses Training
Ride horses as needed
Correction of bad behaviors
Scheduled schooling
Seasonal conditioning
Train replacement for specific horse programs

Staff Supervision/Training
Direct, schedule, train all wrangler staff
Schedule and orchestrate CHA training for summer/full-time staff
Train summer/full-time staff to VCBC standard operating procedures - Trail Rides
Welcome and orient guests
Evaluate riding skills of guests
Safely match the suitable horse with the rider’s ability and mental state
Prepare them for their lessons
Conduct a safe, enjoyable, and successful ride/lesson

Program Camps
Directs activities at the barn during Horse Camp
Responsible for keeping wranglers and campers on task
Develop and implement spiritual devotions and curriculum
Develop and implement horse curriculum – i.e. vaulting, horse science, etc
Create and direct the camper week-in-review demonstration
Welcomes and greets parents and oversees the safety of family members at the facility
Works in conjunction with the Program Manager to develop existing and new horse programs
Participates in program camp activities as directed
Is in direct communication with the Director
Keep regular, timely attendance while maintaining a clean, safe and unobstructed workplace *

* These duties are not exhaustive; with consideration of the job requirements and employee’s skills, this job description may be amended at the discretion of the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Loves Jesus, Loves People and Loves Horses and wants to serve because of this love!
Bachelor degree preferred.
Minimum of 3 years of experience in equestrian programming is helpful.
Ability to work well with others.
Management and supervision abilities.
Ability to work independently and accept supervision.
Knowledge of horse care and training along with herd management.
Willingness to obtain CHA Certification of Western level 3, and Trail training.

Demonstrates a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, exercising personal faith through consistent daily living in accordance with God’s Word.
Understands the mission of Village Creek Bible Camp and is in agreement with its Statement of Faith, and submits all other goals and desires to that main goal.
Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Possesses interpersonal skills such as are required to maintain positive relations with both staff and guests.
Possesses excellent customer service skills and presents a professional appearance and demeanor.
Possesses strong attention to detail and organization while managing multiple priorities.
Must have (3) three years prior work experience in a related field.
Must be certified at or have equivalent training to a CHA level 2.
Must have extensive horse experience and understand horse behavior.
First Aid/ CPR certified (will train).
Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. and move a minimum of 100 lbs.

Physical Requirements
This position is regularly required to stand, walk, reach overhead, push/pull, kneel, climb ladders, and lift up to 70 lbs.
As a Christ-centered community, VCBC staff must affirm the Statement of Faith as expressing their own theological convictions and agree to live by the moral standards in VCBC’s Community Covenant, modeling these commitments for the Christian formation of our seasonal students.

Updated October 2021

Time: Full-Time Year Round: Longer days in the summer, more recovery time in the winter
Salary: Paid

Category: Horsemanship

Job Contact:
Camie Treptau at
Village Creek Bible Camp
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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Horsemanship



Updated: 1/24/2022 10:00:32 AM

Job Contact:
Susan Lyford
(563) 535-7320

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Why work at Village Creek Bible Camp:

Work with a growing team who are ready to serve together to share Christ's love to youth and families in a beautiful setting in the NE corner of Iowa. Impact lives for Jesus!

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