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Hume New England Camp Director

Position Description: Hume New England Camp Director

Reports to: Hume Lake Christian Camp COO

FLSA Status: Full-time;Exempt

Job Summary

Hume New England Camp Director performs a wide variety of Executive-level duties to manage the day-to-day operations, expansion, and financial well-being of Hume New England. Guarding the integrity of the Mission of Hume Lake Christian Camps and maintaining consistent policies, processes, and programming of the Ministry of HLCC, and attracting and keeping outstanding people to serve is the highest priority of the Camp Director.

This position requires exceptional organizational, interpersonal, management, administrative, and computer skills, as well as independent judgment to anticipate and solve problems in order to maintain smooth and professional operations. Responsible for providing a wide range of comprehensive, administrative, and Executive-level decisions and to perform related tasks. Required to interact with both New England and Hume Lake staff (at all levels) in a fast-paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful, and efficient, with a high level of professionalism.

Must have the ability to develop a high-performing staff team, as well as cultivate healthy constituent, community, and donor support relationships. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong decision making, and attention to detail are crucial to this position. Must have sound biblical knowledge that is consistent with the Statement of Belief of HLCC and be able to provide a high level of spiritual leadership to staff. Must have a proven track record of being highly collaborative.

Organizational Strategy

Collaboratively work with various staff at Hume New England and Hume Lake to meet shared ministry goals. Proven track record of building strong relationships and leveraging those relationships to help accomplish responsibilities.
Model the organization’s philosophy, mission, and vision and lead staff to do the same.
Cooperate and collaborate with other departments of HLCC, viewing them as a vital resource to New England’s success.
Provide oversight for all operational budgets related to Hume New England.
Collaboratively partner with HLCC Senior Director of Human Resources in matters pertaining to personnel and employee legal issues.
Collaboratively partner with HLCC Sr. Director of Operations with facilities and infrastructure-related projects.
Collaboratively partner with HLCC Senior Director of Programming to maintain consistency of programming at Hume New England.
Collaboratively partner with HLCC CFO regarding budgets and other financial issues related to Hume New England.
Duties of the New England Camp Director: * Responsible for contributing to and carrying out the overall vision and direction for New England, in partnership with HLCC senior leadership, to include specific goals and objectives that are part of a long-term strategic plan to maximize Ministry opportunities.

Responsible for growing the ministry at New England through achievable collaborative marketing plans and by creating irresistible camping environments that contribute to retention and growth.
Responsible for recruiting and retaining exceptional full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff who will help achieve the overall ministry objectives of Hume New England.
Responsible for preparing employees to achieve excellence in their work by providing training, mentoring, discipline, performance evaluation, and overall team building throughout the staff of New England.
Responsible for regularly evaluating programs for quality control, excellence, and effectiveness in accomplishing HLCC’s Mission Statement and the ministry objectives for Hume New England.
Responsible for ensuring that public entities, with which the ministry of Hume Lake comes in contact, shall be treated with honesty, professionalism, integrity, and in a loving, Christ-like spirit.
Responsible for ensuring the Hume New England budget is balanced and is derived from a long-range plan, and that all financial corporate policies and procedures are followed under the direction of HLCC’s CFO.
Responsible to ensure the facilities are maintained and/or improved the facilities, including buildings, equipment, and property, to support, enhance, and enable the ongoing mission of HLCC and New England, while providing for the overall safety of guests, residents, and staff, while pursuing constant improvement in the quality of New England’s facilities.

General Qualifications

Evidenced commitment to the Christian faith and a desire to share the knowledge of Jesus Christ with others;
Able to agree with our Statement of Belief and abide by our Code of Conduct;
Commitment to excellence;
Willingness to adjust hours to accommodate the needs of the job.

Specific Qualifications

Demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in the ability to lead at an Executive level.
Thorough attention to detail
Demonstrated ability to handle and safeguard highly confidential and sensitive information and resources;
Strong organizational and personal/relational skills
A shepherd’s heart towards staff and guests.
Excellent oral and written communications skills; effectively communicating in public forums, if required;
Ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, and responsibilities in an unstructured environment with frequent interruptions.
Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies Preferred
Minimum 10 years of Ministry Experience

Physical Demands

Must be able to stand and/or sit for extended periods of time;
Must be able to live and work in extreme weather conditions;
Must be able to lift and/or move up to 25 pounds; increased amounts of weight may be required;
Must be able to live at high altitude and in small living quarters;
Out-of-town and/or overnight travel will be required.

Perform other related duties and assignments as required;
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Camp Director



Updated: 2/18/2022 11:08:50 AM

Job Contact:
Maria Shinness
(559) 305-7770

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Why work at Hume New England:

Hume Lake Christian Camp employs over 100 full-time employees. Our staff help meet the needs of over 40,000 conferees every year. We desire to serve Jesus Christ in the unique ministry of Christian Camping.

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