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Utilities Operator

Position Description: Utilities Operator

Reports to: Utilities Supervisor

FLSA Status: Full-time; Non-Exempt

Job Summary
Our Utilities Operator(s) are responsible for following established directives in the fields of: water treatment and distribution; wastewater treatment and collection; energy production and distribution; propane storage and distribution; telemetry including SCADA, instrumentation including fire systems. Operator objectives are to provide safe, high quality drinking water, treatment and proper disposal of wastewater, as well as overseeing the propane, power, periodic maintenance and upkeep, flushing, jetting, replacing broken or worn-out parts, knowing the dangers of working in the utilities environment and to use safety principles daily while on duty and off, and projecting a friendly attitude, able to meet the needs of customers, guests and staff.

Organizational Strategy
Work with all staff to meet ministry goals; maintain a strategic perspective--based on organizational needs
Build healthy relationships with guests, HLCC staff and families, including those in the subdivision
HLCC maintains the right to reassign or change duties, assignments as needed. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the functions of the job

General Qualifications
Evident Commitment to Christ
Must be able to agree with HLCC Statement of Belief and abide by HLCC’s Code of Conduct, Strong work ethic, mechanical skills, common sense needed
CA State Certs in: Wastewater Operator G-2, Water operator T-2, Distribution Operator D-2; or better
Communicate effectively, use sound judgment and be willing to work extra hours if necessary
Must be able to live in HLCC provided housing or provide private accommodations conducive to being on call.

Typical Responsibilities / Duties
With multiple Operator certifications and duties, you are responsible for daily shift work and evening/overnight operator on-call assignments throughout the week. Always following established directives, SOPs, and formal and informal training from your supervisor and manager.
Use of equipment: back-hoe; Skid steer; dump truck, basic &reaching forklift, compactor, jack hammer, hand tools, power tools, large air compressors, hand tools and shovels.
Water treatment plant operation is to provide high quality, safe, and sanitary drinking water. Duties include:
Daily Shift Operator walk throughs of plant operation and distribution system, sampling, record keeping, service and repair, and maintaining safe and disinfected water to Buildings and facilities
Pumping ground / surface, and treated water into storage tanks, maintaining safety while on and around storage tanks and at heights.
Wastewater treatment plant operation is to provide appropriately treated, effluent and dry sludge (bio solids) according to the California State and US EPA standards. Duties Include:
Oversight with Plant Operation, record keeping, service and repair
Daily Shift Operator walk throughs of plant operation, wastewater and collection systems, evaporation ponds, spray fields, and leach fields.
Other utility responsibilities include: Power, Propane, fire system management, upkeep, repair, retrofitting.

Physical Demands
The staff member must regularly lift and/or move 50 pounds and occasionally lift/or move above 50 pounds.
Must be able to stand for extended periods of time
Must be able to live at the lake which experiences: extreme weather conditions, and is at 5200’+ in elevation

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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 2/18/2022 11:08:17 AM

Job Contact:
Chad Castor
(559) 305-7770

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