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Assistant Guest Services Manager

Reports to: Conference Services Manager

Personal Characteristics:
1. Must be a Born-Again Christian whose personal beliefs are parallel with the PVBCC statement of faith.
2. Must be committed to a service ministry and willing to work unusual hours to fulfill the needs of our guests and/or staff team.
3. Must be a trusted professional who will manage and execute mission critical processes requiring a high level of integrity, character, and sound judgment.

Professional Qualifications:
1. Must have experience with service or ministry related work processes with a strong ability to organize, prioritize, and mobilize people to complete tasks.
2. Must be an excellent communicator and coordinator who can work successfully in a team environment.

Department Overview:
As a relatively small organization, all supervisors are expected to be in the trenches working with the people they supervise.
1. Coordinate guest arrival and ensure proper preparation and positive experience.
2. Build lasting relationships with group leaders and monitor their experience while at camp.
3. Coordinate and partner in scheduling the Guest services team which includes liaisons, part-time, and volunteer workforces.
4. Assist in set-up, maintenance/light construction and repair processes making sure they align to the PVBCC Guest Ready Standard.
5. Own and manage the Guest Services project list.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Manager



Updated: 5/28/2024 12:53:41 PM

Job Contact:
Nathaniel Valles
(619) 473-8879

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Why work at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center:

PVBC has a rich history of Christ centered camping spanning 76 years. Our Staff form the core of Christ-centered ministry here orchestrating defining moments that change lives. Make a difference!

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(619) 473-8879

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