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Executive Director

Lake Ellen Camp
Executive Director - Full Job Description
Reporting to the Lake Ellen Camp Board of Directors, this position will provide leadership to Lake Ellen Camp. The Executive Director will effectively lead and manage all camping operations in accord with Lake Ellen Camp’s (LEC) vision, mission, and values. The Executive Director will shape, promote, and implement growth strategies through visionary, spiritual leadership and will oversee all aspects of LEC’s ministry. This is a missionary support funded position. The role may be partially funded by LEC.

Authority: The Board of Directors has delegated authority to the Executive Director to execute the by-laws, policies, and directives of the Board of Directors of LEC. Any authority delegated by the Executive Director falls under the authority of the Board of Directors of LEC.

Ministry Responsibilities:
Participate as a member of a local church that is generally in agreement with the LEC Statement of Faith. Agree to and sign the LEC Statement of Faith.
Behave with mature Christian character personally and professionally.
Ensure the care and well-being of all staff and volunteers, especially the full-time staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Leads all aspects of fundraising activities: grant seeking, building and maintaining donor relationships, personal solicitations, corporate partnerships, etc.
Secures funding for all programs and events with assistance from the Board of Directors and designated staff. Responsible for reviewing and monitoring the annual fundraising plan in conjunction with appropriate staff and Board members.
Board Development Serves ex-officio on all committees of the Board.
Provides support to the Board in recruitment and orientation of Board members.
Plans Board meetings in tandem with Board leadership and prepares timely agendas and materials for these meetings. Maintains open communications with Board members, singularly and as a group, on an ongoing basis.
Jointly with Board leadership, conducts an annual Board evaluation process.
Administration & Strategic Planning
Assures the Council has a long-range strategic plan that enables it to achieve its mission. Conducts official correspondence for the Council, individually and jointly, with the Chair and Secretary of the Board of Directors, as appropriate.
Executes legal documents in tandem with designated officers.
Recommends policies to the Board and/or assists Board in the formulation of policies.
Ensures implementation of Board authorized policies.
Ensures official records and documents are maintained and that compliance with federal, state and local regulations occurs.
Responsible for public accountability of the Council in conjunction with the Board.
Human Resources
Responsible for overall direction of human resources functions, including recruitment, selection, employment and termination of all personnel, both paid staff and service volunteers.
Ensures job descriptions are developed and maintained, regular performance evaluations are conducted and sound human resource practices are in place.
Ensures an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession, is maintained. Maintains a climate that attracts, keeps and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people.

Responsible for reviewing and maintaining an effective internal financial control system and ensures accurate and timely financial information is provided for internal and external use.
Works with staff, the Finance Committee and the Board to prepare the annual budget.
Monitors the Council’s financial condition and maintains positive relationships with financial institutions and external auditors.
Ensures sufficient operating reserve and cash flow to meet Council obligations in conjunction with the Board.

Programs & Services
Provides leadership in assessing and evaluating youth development needs within the Council’s jurisdiction and oversees implementation of Camp Fire programming tailored to meet the needs of local youth.
Monitors and develops strategies to ensure all youth programs are consistent with Camp Fire’s coeducational, inclusive, contemporary and prevention-oriented philosophy.
Promotes and supports volunteerism in all areas of the Council’s work.
Encourages and provides resources for staff and volunteer development and education.
Maintains a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of youth development programs and nonprofit management/leadership issues.
Conducts an annual program evaluation.
Acts to maintain highly effective parent-constituent relationships.

Marketing & Communications
Responsible for reviewing and monitoring an annual marketing/communication plan.
Serves as official spokesperson for the Council by representing the programs and point of view of the Council to agencies, organizations and the general public.
Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of the Council and all-important factors influencing the board.
Promotes awareness of the Council’s activities, programs and goals to key stakeholders and the general community.
Establishes sound working relationships and collaborative arrangements with government agencies, community groups and organizations.
Oversees the development of collateral materials.
Maintains appropriate relationships with other professional and human service groups including membership on appropriate community committees and service projects.

5 years of experience in management with a proven track-record of success.
Previous work experience in youth development and youth programs is preferred.
Non-profit management experience is preferred.
Must have strong business and fiscal management skills.
Proven record of success in resource fund development required.
Demonstrated understanding of risk management issues and the ability to take calculated risks required.
Prior experience with capital campaigns is preferred.

Highly ethical and have a strong sense of integrity.
Be a strategic thinker and visionary leader capable of leading organizational change.
Inspirational leader with a good sense of humor and overall joyfulness.
Possess physical stamina to work long hours.
Ability to travel locally and regionally for fundraising and supporter engagement.
Ability to handle high stress situations.
Excellent interpersonal skills, with a high ability to network and maintain relationships.
Self-motivated and highly organized.
Must be able to manage conflict in a restorative and gracious manner.
Must be able to delegate effectively.
Must have a strong customer focused philosophy.
Proven ability to prioritize, plan, organize, and manage multiple tasks and agendas.
Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.
In depth knowledge of the philanthropic sector is preferred.
Must be computer literate.
Experience with budget development, monitoring and evaluation is required.
Proven ability to work effectively with a volunteer Board and committees is required.

Qualifying Period
Six month probationary period
Other Duties as Assigned
The Executive Director may be required to perform other duties as prescribed by the LEC Board of Directors. As such, the above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the work and is not an exhaustive list.
To apply:
Send a resume, CV, and any additional inquiry to or

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Executive Director



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Job Contact:
Dave Wahl
(906) 542-3529

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Why work at Lake Ellen Camp:

Lake Ellen Camp's main focus is sharing the gospel with all who come on the grounds. If you are passionate about sharing the gospel with others this camp is for you.

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