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Office and Registration Manager, Guest Services Co

Role: The primary purpose of the Office and Registration Manager/Guest Services Coordinator (ORM/GSC) is to provide coordination, support, and management of the office functions and processes as well as managing the registration processes for all campers and year round guests. The ORM/GSC will be the first and primary contact for all of our guests via phone, Internet, and in-person encounters. The ORM/GSC will lead in the development and coordination of a thriving year-round camp community through guest groups.

Characteristics: Desired characteristics include being organized, timely, flexible, willing to offer hospitality to others, problem solver, and a team player. Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally and interact with guests and volunteers of all ages. Must be willing to learn and take on additional responsibilities as required. Must have the ability and willingness to work and honor an organization that is a culture of continual improvement as well as the ability and willingness to work in and honor an organization that is committed to Lutheran theology.

Skills: Bachelor’s degree preferred. Demonstrated ability to organize projects, meet deadlines and supervise staff. Excellent computer, verbal and written communication skills. Database management skills, phone skills, and ability to use MS Office effectively and efficiently.

Reports to: Executive Director

? Compensation: TBD
? Housing is provided on site but not necessary for this position.
? Meals are available when food service is in operation.
? Utilities (electricity, trash, water, telephone and internet access) provided by Camp Lutherwood while living onsite.
? Medical insurance provided and Simple IRA retirement contributions up to 3%
? Mileage reimbursement for camp business when the camp vehicle is not available.
? Other reimbursement for pre-negotiated expenses incurred while performing job requirements.

Major Responsibilities:
Office and Registration
? Manage all the details of the registration process for both campers and guest groups
? Ensure coverage of the office phones and emails, and disburse the mail daily
? Organize office operations and procedures
? Assist with the ACA accreditation process and accurate standards record keeping
? Assist with deposits and accurate record keeping of income received
? Greet guests, open all buildings as needed
? Ability to keep confidentiality and a professional attitude with all organizational information
? Support the Executive Director as well as the Board of Directors as needed
? Assist Development, Program and Finance staff as needed.
? Assists with fundraising events and projects as needed
? Supervise interns and summer staff assigned to administrative duties.
? Assist with housekeeping duties as needed
? Other duties might be added or changed depending on the person’s skills, abilities, and desires

Guest Services
? Recruit and invite new guest groups to use the Lutherwood facilities for their gatherings
? Communicate with upcoming guest groups
? Coordinate hosting and preparation for each reserved guest group
? Manage agreements, invoices and group tracking
? Annual reporting and recording of facility use and numbers of guests
? Promote Camp Lutherwood Oregon to community groups and organizations

Physical Demands: Able to lift a 50-pound bag of rice, carry it 25 feet, and place it on a shelf three-feet high. The physical effort typically applied in this job includes: Lifting, Carrying, Reaching, Pulling, Pushing, Stooping, Standing, Bending, Speaking, and Listening.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Guest Services



Updated: 3/12/2020 5:15:33 PM

Job Contact:
Andrea Scofield
(541) 998-6444

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Why work at Camp Lutherwood Oregon:

Working at Camp Lutherwood Oregon is an unforgettable and rewarding experience. During the ten weeks of camp, you will learn what is means to live and work in community, and by the time the summer ends, that community will feel like family. You'll be faced with challenges that provide opportunities for growth, uncover new gifts and skills within yourself and learn what it means to put the needs of others before your own. Chances are, the work you do will make an impact on campers of all ages. You will be looked up to, celebrated as a role model, and someday, you will be the reason someone decides to work at Camp Lutherwood. Working at camp presents an unparalleled opportunity to develop professional skills for a wide range of potential jobs and careers while serving in a meaningful way. These are skills that you can take with you into any job, internship, or life experience. If you are willing to work hard, practice gracious hospitality, and share in deep laughter and child-like play, working at Camp Lutherwood will be a great way to spend your summer.

22960 Hwy 36
    Cheshire, OR 97419

(541) 998-6444

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