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Assistant Director of Laity Lodge Youth Camp

Since this individual will primarily lead female staff, we are seeking a female for this position.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Assistant Director will be responsible for supporting and assisting the Directors of Youth Camp, primarily at Echo Valley (our camp for roughly 200 campers per session who are grades 6-10) in the design, creation, development, and coordination of all Youth Camp programs and events in an environment conducive to the building of relationships centered in Christ and the development of whole and healthy young people. This person will work more often with female campers and staff in areas of recruitment, programming, ministry, staff leadership and development, and nurturing of college and high-school-age summer staff, and middle and high-school-age campers.
Assistant Director LLYC
• Collaborate with full-time directors of LLYC in the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, management, supervision and development of all Echo Valley summer staff. This includes roughly 22 experienced, college-age summer leadership staff (Central Staff) and 120 high-school and college-age staff.
o Participate in the coordination and implementation of LLYC recruiting events.
o Review all applicant information, including applications, references, interview notes and supporting documentation as part of the hiring process.
o Interview staff candidates in various cities and colleges throughout Texas.
o Make final selection of candidates and determine best fit for positions.
o Assist in the planning and execution of Staff Training Week. Lead sessions, facilitate group discussions, give instructional training, lead devotionals, and conduct meetings as necessary.
o Aid in the facilitation and leadership of morning staff meetings during the summer.
o Consistently recognize, encourage, and give constructive feedback to staff for job performance in genuine and creative ways.
o Address staff promptly, directly and with the appropriate levels of grace and accountability in response to underperformance, failure of job duties, or violation of camp or HEBFDN policies.
• Take point in the training, guidance and mentoring of all female Echo Valley Central Staff and directly supervise them during the summer.
o Assist in the planning and execution of central staff retreats, calls, meetings, and trainings throughout the year.
o Collaborate with full-time directors in the planning and execution of Work Week and Staff Week Training.
o Schedule and conduct individual meetings and check-ins with each direct report frequently during the summer.
o Listen to, support, coach, encourage, and empower each individual in their roles as leaders and managers of teams.
• Collaborate to develop and plan session themes, events, programs, and ministry themes that align with our values and have widespread appeal.
o Occasionally lead devotionals and prepare and deliver Christ-centered messages to campers and staff
o Assist in writing and helping others craft relevant and thoughtful faith-based curriculum and talks centered on Christ.
o Assist in the guidance of the summer teaching team in talk preparation and public speaking skills.
o Assist in setting the vision for program story lines and skit content.
o Work closely with and provide guidance to Central Staff members directly responsible for planning session themes, events and programs
• Collaborate with the Senior Director, Echo Valley Director, Mental Health Consultant, and HR Team when addressing sensitive staff and camper issues, complying with HEBFDN protocol and policies.
o Respond appropriately and tactfully to sensitive situations as they arise.
o Respond hospitably and with tact to any questions or concerns that parents raise on opening day or in response to any incidents that occur at camp.
o Monitor and respond to any staff or camper issues that would best be addressed by a female staff member.
o Assist in the documentation of incident reports and Child Protective Service reports that relate to Echo Valley.
• Manage two Assistant Girls Directors as they develop and lead the programming and curriculum for Echo Valley Girls Side during the summer.
o Provide direction and redirection for their daily work and for the overall goals and themes for Girls Side.
o Serve in advisory role for these directors who are providing direction to female counselors.
o Serve as primary contact and guidance for highly sensitive situations with campers and staff, including any necessary reporting of alleged abuse and/or neglect and mental health concerns.
• Provide mentor-ship and care for all Echo Valley female staff throughout the year
o Planned events, including retreats
o Informal or formal meetings
o Texts or other messaging specific to the individual and their unique needs

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant Director



Updated: 12/18/2019 11:44:48 AM

Job Contact:
Angelina Isham
(830) 315-9200

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Why work at H. E. Butt Foundation:

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to start an Outdoor Ed. program from the beginning in a setting that is perfectly suited for connecting Texas area youth to God's creation.

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