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Operations Director / Assistant Director

As a member of Camp Arcadia’s management team, the Operations Director (OD) helps coordinate Camp’s seasonal operations, seasonal staff hiring, and its promotional efforts. As a strong Christian leader, the OD is focused on carrying out Camp Arcadia’s mission to provide a setting for Christian families and individuals to vacation with God, and to foster the renewal of the whole person — spirit, mind, and body — amid the beauty of God’s creation and in fellowship with other Christians. This is done through delivering excellent Christian hospitality to Camp’s guests; developing our seasonal staff - professionally, personally, and spiritually; and producing quality promotional materials.

Skills & Characteristics:
Bachelor’s level degree preferred. It is important that the OD have management and leadership experience, with strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills. They must have experience talking about their Christian faith, leading devotions and prayers. While Camp Arcadia is rooted in the Lutheran tradition, the OD does not have to be Lutheran, but they must appreciate and support Lutheran faith distinctions. Experience with producing print and digital promotional materials. Competency in computer skills (database management, spreadsheets, word processing, and social media platforms). As much of this position is coordinating the efforts of others, the OD needs to have the ability to work well with others, delegating and holding them accountable as needed. Experience in supervising and mentoring young adults, growing them spiritually, professionally, and personally. The OD needs to have a strong work ethic and willingness to help out where needed. It is vital that the OD appreciate and have a strong desire to deliver excellent Christian hospitality to our guests.

Reports to: The OD is a member of the management team and reports to the Executive Director.

Direct Reports: Housekeeping supervisor (1) and/or housekeeping seasonal staff (up to 5), Media seasonal staff (1 – 2)

Compensation Package: Salary (35K - 45K depending on experience), retirement benefits, vacation, paid holidays, sabbatical program, health & dental insurance for you and your dependents, life and disability insurance. Meals are provided for the staff member and immediate family members during the summer and fall when guests are provided with meals. No housing is provided.

Major Responsibilities:
Promotions Coordinator: coordinates the creation of Camp's promotional activities: website, e-news, social media, written publications, fliers and other marketing materials. Please know that as promotions coordinator the OD is not writing and producing all of the materials. Other management staff, seasonal staff and select Camp supporters will be writing content, defining messaging and design.

Camp Operations Coordinator: Hold weekly management staff (full-time, year-round) and department head staff (seasonal leaders) meetings during the season to coordinate operations and provide professional growth. Help other management team members problem-solve their staffing issues. Work with other management team members to transition Camp between retreats. The OD is on-call for staff and guests emergencies as needed.

Summer Staff Recruitment & Selection: Coordinate staff recruitment efforts and the staff selection and hiring process. These are college-aged staff members. All management team members are involved in recruiting, interviewing, and selecting the summer staff.

Fall Staff Recruitment & Selection: The OD is responsible for coordinating fall staff recruiting efforts. They also directly interview and hire the fall staff, who range from high school students to older adults. While other management team members might be involved in evaluating applicants, because this happens mostly during the season, they are much less involved in the hiring process.

Seasonal Staff Leadership: manage non-departmental seasonal staff areas like staff arrival/departure, welcome, orientation, and human resource needs once staff are hired. During the season the OD coordinates the staff prayers, devotions, weekly staff worship service, and other programmed staff activities.

Media Staff Supervisor: Supervise the Media staff (1-2) who take pictures and videos each week, producing a weekly highlight video, and digital and print promotional content.

Housekeeping Staff Supervisor: The OD will work with the housekeeping supervisor and/or the housekeeping staff to make sure Camp’s facilities and grounds are clean and organized. This also includes Camp’s laundry operations.

Office: During the off-season the OD will help answer phones as needed. This is an expectation of all management team members who are in the office.

Work Flow: This is a general idea as to the hours and days worked throughout the year. As an exempt salaried position, the actual hours and days might vary. Due to the seasonality of Camp’s ministry, the OD will have three distinct seasons - summer, fall, and the off-season.

Summer: End of May through Labor Day weekend. 55 - 60 hours per week with meal times included. Generally, start time is around 7:30 am and ends after dinner which starts at 5:15 pm. The OD has 1.5 to 2 days off each week. (The OD is expected to take most of their meals at Camp when they are working, as this is a good time to connect with the staff.) There will be some responsibilities in the evenings - staff introductions at staff talent show, staff worship service. The OD can take off time in the mornings and afternoons as needed, especially if they are going to be at Camp later in the evenings. During the first two weeks of the summer, when we are training our staff, we have less time off and work longer hours as training can go into the evening.

Fall: After Labor Day weekend through the end of October, Camp Arcadia has mostly weekend retreats, with a few mid-week retreat groups. The OD work schedule depends on the number and quality of our fall staff. The less staff we have and the more training and oversight they need, the more the OD works when we have guests here. Generally, the OD will have the equivalent of two days off in a week. 40 - 45 hours per week

Off-Season: During this time Camp’s guests operations are closed down. From the beginning of November through the end of May the management team generally work 5 days a week, 9 - 4 pm and 9 - noon on Friday, around 32 hours a week.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant Director



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Job Contact:
Chip May
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Why work at Camp Arcadia:

We are a Christian family camp on the shores of Lake Michigan in Northwest Michigan. To serve on staff at Camp Arcadia is to serve God by serving others.

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