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Resident Summer Camp Counselor

Job Description
Position: Resident Summer Counselor
General: Responsible to provide leadership to the daily program and a safe, enriching, joyful, and Christ-centered experience for campers and volunteers.
Responsible to: Director
1. A practicing Christian who lives a life consistent with the teaching of Christ.
2. At least 18 years old.
3. Ability to perform physical tasks inherent in job responsibilities.
4. Willingness to be flexible and help where needed in the Camp Frederick programs and facilities.
5. Enjoy working with youth and volunteers.
6. First aid and CPR/AED certification (training provided)
7. Ability to serve children and adults as the number one focus throughout the summer.

Essential Functions:
1. Ability to assist campers in emergency situations
2. Strength and endurance to maintain supervision of campers
3. Ability to communicate effectively with, campers, other staff, parents, and visitors
4. Visual and auditory ability to recognize environmental hazards
5. Ability to observe camper behavior and assess its appropriateness and apply appropriate behavioral management techniques
6. Ability to enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures

1. Camp Spiritual Life
• Teach and facilitate a daily Bible Study to your small group of campers.
• Share your own personal faith stories with your campers.
• Pray with campers.
• Help lead daily devotions for staff and volunteers.
2. Counseling
• Help lead camp activities.
• Encourage your campers to try new activities; help them overcome or live with fears.
• Provide opportunities for campers to discover their own personal gifts.
• Facilitate overnight experiences (as scheduled) including fire building and cooking.
3. Small Group Dynamics
• Be an active and ongoing participant in your cabin group 23 hours a day. Be with your cabin group continually both day and night (except for scheduled time off.)
• Allow your campers a hand in planning their week by giving them choices in some program activities.
• Take time each day with your group to debrief their day.
• Sit with your campers during all camp activities.
4. Health and Safety
• Abide by given policies and procedures.
• While camp is in session, have responsibility for the safety of the campers assigned to you.
• Review camper permission/health forms the first day along with attention to special concerns. With help from the director, be prepared to accommodate special concerns.
• Know your camper’s medication schedule and make sure he/she receives medication from the Camp Health Care Coordinator.
• Report all camper injuries and illnesses in the health log. Regularly review the health log for completed entries and follow-up on any questionable or incomplete information.
• Identify and report any unsafe conditions to the Team Coordinator or other appropriate staff.
5. Community Living Responsibilities
• Work with your campers every day to clean your activity space and/or cabin.
• Eat with your campers and encourage table manners and pleasant conversation.
• Be present and on time for Sunday arrival times and all staff meetings.
• Gather all needed equipment daily before staff meeting.
• Help clean the camp at the start and close of sessions.
• Counselors will rotate into various staff teams as assigned by the Director.
• All staff needs to be flexible and willing to change job assignments as the need arises throughout the summer.
6. Hospitality
• Counselors are expected to show kindness and warmth to families, pastors, church coordinators, volunteers, campers, and fellow camp staff.

1. Base salary of $250.00/week plus room and board. Staff training is 2 weeks, and staff will be paid one week’s salary for 2 weeks of staff training.
2. Opportunity to work with many communities and congregations and gain leadership experience.
3. A faith experience that can influence your life forever!

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Counseling



Updated: 10/31/2019 11:35:25 AM

Job Contact:
Matt Miller
(330) 227-3633

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