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Executive Director

Summary: Plans, oversees, and provides leadership to staff under the governance of the Southern Mennonite Camp Association Board of Directors for a ministry-centered, safe, efficient, orderly, and visually appealing environment for guests.

Scope of Responsibilities: Administrating directives from and reporting to the SMCA Board of Directors as an on-site overseer of ministry objectives, staff performance, operational procedures, guest behavior, and overall results in ministry, safety and compliance, finance, and communication among all internal departments and all external relations.

Primary Purpose: To provide on-site leadership for day-to-day activity and help to design, develop, and implement strategic plans for future development.

Essential Functions:
1. Provide spiritual leadership to staff and guests, setting a high personal standard of faith and conduct.
2. Provide vision and planning for continuing growth and vitality
3. Provide organizational structure and leadership to staff by distributing the work load according to employee abilities and by hiring or training staff where needed.
4. Establish and enforce policies that maximize the ministry potential of Lakewood so that every guest has the greatest opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ.
5. Establish and maintain a high standard of Christian environment, so that Lakewood functions as an extension of congregational life.
6. Reach out to and maintain good relations with neighbors and area churches.
7. Build partnerships with other like-minded people, churches, ministries and organizations.
8. Oversee the stewardship of all camp resources, especially finances and property.
9. Give account to the SMCA and its Board on a regular basis, presenting reports, trends and ideas for the advancement of Lakewood Retreat as their ministry under Christ.

Spiritual and Professional Qualifications:
1. Is in agreement with Lakewood Retreats’ Statement of Faith, philosophies, and policies.
2. Understands and supports Mennonite / Anabaptist beliefs and practices.
3. Exemplifies the lifestyle and practices of a Biblically genuine believer in Christ
4. Has a sincere love for the Gospel and a desire to see others come to know Christ and grow in Him.
5. Has a passion for hospitality and serving others of diverse traditions.
6. Has a Biblical work ethic, working heartily as for the Lord, not just to impress people.
7. Is willing to forego personal “rights” for the common good of the camp and guests.
8. Exercises flexibility, graciousness, and gentleness with guests and other team members while upholding policies and standards.
9. Has an attitude of excellence, taking personal responsibility for all actions and outcomes.
10. Previous work experience in at least three of the four departmental areas of responsibility: maintenance, food service, guest services, and administration.
11. Personnel management training and experience in providing servant leadership.
12. Evidence showing the ability of graciously exercising personal flexibility serving others from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions.
13. Able to decisively supervise, lead, teach, correct, and work well with others.
14. Has the practice of consistently setting clear expectations, evaluating performance, and providing honest feedback to team members for their affirmation or correction for improvement to the best interest of the ministry and the employee.
15. Experience in development and project planning
16. Evidence showing the willingness to lend a helping hand in any aspect of Lakewood’s workload when situations dictate and time permits.
17. Views this employment position as a long-term servant ministry.

Education and Experience Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in the field of ministry or business.
2. Additional formal training in the field of ministry or business in which there is no degree.
3. Ten years’ successful experience in business or ministry management including management of personnel (college training time may be considered if applicable)
4. Experience with administration leadership, budget management, strategic planning, and operations management
5. Experience in a hospitality environment

Please email a cover letter and resume if interested. Thank you.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Executive Director



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Job Contact:
Rosie Francis
(352) 796-4097

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