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Discovery Project Residential Advisor

SpringHill is looking for a Discovery Project Resident Advisor. The SpringHill Discovery Project is a 9-month gap year program designed to provide young adults with experience and mentorship that allows them to discover their calling, each step in the learning experience is designed to help young adults better understand themselves, engage with the world and grow in confidence to pursue their area of passion in life.

What does a Discovery Project Resident Advisor do?

The Discovery Project Resident Advisor will have a firm understanding of the process of creating an intentional community with young adults. The Discovery Project Resident Advisor will live in community with a cohort of 12-24 students providing the framework in which community, discipleship, teachable moments and accountability can occur. The Resident Advisor will work closely the Discovery Project Program Manager and Director to provide young people with life experience, knowledge and guidance to intentionally choose their path.

Time:  Part-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant



Updated: 8/23/2019 6:35:18 PM

Job Contact:
Tonia Pace
(231) 734-9870

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Why work at SpringHill Camps:

We seek to change the life of a child by creating environments & developing communities where they experience Jesus in personal loving relationships & memorable learning experiences.

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(231) 734-9870

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