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Staff Couple

Staff Couple
Job Description:

Camp Maranatha is in need of a solid Christian staff couple to assist in most areas of operation in the camp. We desire to have a couple who are compatible with the current small staff and understand the reason for ministry in camping. Our goal is for a couple to come alongside as we continue to develop our increasing groups through high quality service. While there are main areas that we need to cover, we are looking for a couple that can help in many areas of the operation. Please review the position descriptions. These qualities are not specific to gender and may be able to flow between the 2 candidates. Qualified candidates please send resume with picture if possible, also please send 3 personality profiles (Smalley, 4 temperament test, and Myers Briggs).

Accounting: Main accounting, pay bills, deposit group fees and donations. Do payroll for all employees. Prepare and Report the financials to the board. Assist exec dir. in step with department heads for budgeting for each year. Our volunteer accountant will provide training.

Office: Learn Ultracamp system for online registrations. Assist in setting up sessions for groups in Ultracamp. Work with E.D. to do end of month reconciliation of Ultracamp to Wells Fargo account. Assist in answering phones.

Food service: Assist with food prep. Assist with keeping food cost down. Assist in serving guest groups. Assist in kitchen cleanup.

Guest Services: Work with Assistant Director as a team to assist in cleaning and setting up for groups. This includes cleaning cabins, Langley Lodge, gym/chapel, and shower house.

Additional: Help as needed with guest prep, and guest care while they are here or other projects as needed and assigned by either the Executive Director or Assistant Director.

Maintenance: Help maintain all buildings. Assist in all possible repairs. Work with Executive Director to keep camp cost down. Check heating equipment in each building daily. Work to keep maintenance records accurate and up to date.

Guest Services: Help set up tables, chairs, IT equipment, sound system, and any other set up for guest groups. Assist with cleaning after groups leave. This includes cabins, Langley Lodge, gym/chapel, and shower house.

Grounds: Assist with snow removal, trash removal, general grounds maintenance, mowing/weed removal, and any other assigned tasks.

Food Services: Assist with food prep, dishes, cleaning up in the dining hall, serving meals, setting up chairs and tables for guest groups and any other assigned tasks by the assistant director.

Salary: $15,000 annual starting salary ea. Christmas Bonus $500.00 ea. Salary can be split off for some retirement, and/or healthcare benefit. Alaska District does not provide unemployment insurance due to its non-profit status.
Annual Leave: Annual paid leave for 1 week for the first year and increasing to 2 weeks for year 2 and continued. Annual leave will need to be coordinated with the Executive Director. It will also be taken during the retreat or off season.
Housing: The camp will provide housing. This includes gas heat, electricity, and internet.
Annual salary increase after year 1 based on camp income/savings and according to staff review.

The camp will also assist in moving expenses. Keep in mind that we have limited funds and emphasis on keeping those costs as low as possible.

Our intent is to move the camp forward in income levels and to move the compensation up as well as benefits at the same time in conjunction with Camp Maranatha’s increase in finances. It is also the intent to maximize the current facility while working to fund needed additional facilities such as new 300 seat dining hall, new 80 bed youth bunk house, 32 added hotel rooms with conference/meeting rooms, and staff 4-plex townhouse apartments. The order of these additions will be determined by our effectiveness in raising income levels and fund raising as well as by the needs of the camp as put forward by the Master Plan Committee and approved by the board and DAB. When all of these are added the camp will be able to serve 300. We also plan to have summer staff housing above the dining hall as well as 6-8 hotel style rooms for guests/kitchen staff and a small meeting room. These rooms could accommodate church board retreats.

We are currently in the process of raising money for and will be constructing restrooms on the gym/chapel this summer. So there is a desire on the district for improvements and they are helping to fund the projects that are needed.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 6/28/2019 4:21:57 PM

Job Contact:
John Miller
(907) 892-6697

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