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Director of Retreats

We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic and a desire to live and work in a close community to serve in the role of Retreat Director. We are passionate about our mission statement and are looking for a like-minded person who is willing to serve alongside us. Please thoughtfully consider each part of our mission statement, job description, and description of our ministry and community before applying.

To inspire Christ-like change through
Outdoor Adventure
Authentic Relationships and
Biblical Truth

The makeup of our community determines a large part of what it is like to live and work here. We have about 90 people who live on-site year-round, comprised of full-time staff and families, gap-year students, and retreat interns. Since we are far from any large towns or cities, all of our full-time staff lives on-site (except our City Camp Director who lives in San Antonio). For example, the time to travel to the closest Walmart in Kerrville is one hour. Camp Eagle is a beautiful place with many natural resources but calls for a somewhat remote living. Camp Eagle recently went through a fast growth phase and is seeking to be excellent in all we do and become a leader in our industry. However, just like each of us, we have many shortcomings but hope to use even those to serve Jesus Christ.


Title: Retreat Director

Department: Retreats

Reports To: Director of Programs

Direct Reports: Retreat Hosts, Retreat Interns, Walkabout Students (when under the direction of the hosts and in conjunction with the Walkabout Director)

Consults With: School Retreat Director, Walkabout Director, Food Service Manager, Housekeeping Manager

Overall Responsibility:
Direct all aspects of the retreats program to make it successful quantitatively and qualitatively. Gain, secure, and retain retreat groups of all kinds. Develop key relationships with retreat leaders, group sponsors, and direct reports. Manage direct reports for successful events. Administrate paperwork for group organization, budgets, and quality control.

Job Duties:
Marketing for the Retreat Program through face-to-face visits, phone calls, print, email, web, and other media.
Gain retreat groups and pass on to Retreat Hosts in an organized manner.
Monitor for quality of the program in all areas.
Meet often with reports and consults for planning, quality control, and readiness to meet groups needs.
Administer performance reviews for hosts that involve a coaching aspect as necessary and is recorded in the online employee file system.
Perform “walkarounds” with staff in order to set expectations and confirm and cast vision for Camp Eagle’s mission through the Retreat Program
Manage the calendar for hosting, occupancy, and collisions.
Manage and prioritize the Retreat Hosts’ work schedule as needed.
Conduct weekly tactical meetings with Retreat Hosts to gain insight into all aspects of their work and offer support and prayer.
Regularly inspect various things in order to hold yourself and your staff accountable to the presentation of your campus and all aspects of your program to guests (ie. how much would is stocked at each fire pit, are there things that should be removed from a certain setting at camp that detract from the natural beauty or the guest experience?)
Train Retreat Hosts, Retreat Interns, and Walkabout students in job responsibilities and vision for meeting Camp Eagle’s mission within the Retreat Program.
Ensure Retreat Hosts receive quality regular hospitality training and in-services, and that those trainings are well documented and recorded
Ensure our Retreat Hosts have a vision for the power and biblical calling of hospitality as a vehicle for gospel change
Fully understand and be able to implement the job responsibilities of Retreat Hosts, Retreat Interns, and Walkabout students.
Occasionally attend retreat programming looking for ways to encourage and improve
Occasionally attend Retreat programming at other camps to learn and gain new ideas
Occasionally meet with camp Retreat professionals to learn and gain new ideas
Educate yourself toward a greater understanding of trends in the retreat camping industry
Educate yourself toward an understanding of how camp retreats can meet the needs of our guests according to our mission, vision, values
Ensure our retreat programming lines up with our mission, vision, values and teaching guidelines
Assist as needed, in hands-on retreat program support to bring about a program related project (example: help washing dishes or help clean after a large weekend is over, in a few instances you might need to host a group to allow off time for your other hosts)
Ensure that safety is considered in retreat programming
Ensure retreat design considers the bigger picture, such as, how: food, activities, sleeping, “free time”, and staff interactions can be a valuable part of the experience, and consider how it might reinforce what the retreat is trying to accomplish
Hire and fire retreat staff according to Camp Eagle’s hiring and firing policies.
Help Retreat Hosts procure help for retreats from volunteers and full-time staff.
Follow up with groups and collect surveys, and plan for groups’ needs.
Help establish and develop new programming ideas with the assistance of Retreat Hosts and Director of Programs.
Keep organized information on groups for metrics and budget forecasting.
Pray for incoming groups and for God’s provision for new groups and program needs.
Develop new programming options for groups as needed.
Purchase necessary equipment and material for the success of the program.

Other Duties of ALL Camp Eagle Staff:
Camp Eagle operates year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff must participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of the camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends, and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed

Strong sense of hospitality and customer service.
Highly comfortable with marketing for the retreat program (cold calls, emails, print material, etc.).
College Degree or higher is preferred.
Ability to work long hours frequently.
Ability to confront, encourage, and inspire staff toward excellence in their work.
Easily communicates with guests and retreat leaders in a professional manner.
Experience with event planning or the equivalent is highly desired..
Administrative and organizational skills.

Education, Abilities, Skills, Experience:
The “ideal” candidate will have:
The educational equivalent of a college degree or higher.
Ability to communicate comfortably and clearly with all guests and group leaders.
Ability to work well with computer systems and basic word processing and email software.
Willingness to perform routine tasks regularly and on time, with deadlines daily, weekly and monthly for many tasks.
Ability to work on a team and communicate comfortably and clearly with other staff and inspire them to action.
Ability to understand and follow camp policies and procedures.
Work Context: This job will be performed primarily on location at the Camp Eagle office.
Travel: Working offsite will happen infrequently during marketing or training trips.
Physical Demands:
Ability to sit and stand for hours on end.
Ability to work on a laptop for hours on end.
Ability to drive around the camp property in a camp vehicle.
Ability to get around camp and perform job duties without the use of a camp vehicle.
Ability to infrequently work at height while checking up on staff on the high ropes activities.
Occasionally lift heavy objects with help from others.

Work Environment: Will consistently work indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions due to the dual nature of this being an office job about half the time and an on-site physical job the other half.
Compensation: Salary pay, on-site housing, medical insurance, 401(k) retirement package after one year of full-time status, and paid vacation time according to time-off policy. Also, basic utilities and FMLA benefits, temporary guest housing, and camp meals.
Disclaimer: This Job Description is not intended to be complete. It is only intended to give a good idea of what this job will be like.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Adam Betterton
(830) 683-3219

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Why work at Camp Eagle:

Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. Does that sound like something you want to do?

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