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Program Training Coordinator

Rational: In order to prepare our staff to be able to lead in the context of adventure ministry it is valuable to have a Training Coordinator who ensures that our staff are gaining proficiency in their ability to teach and facilitate adventure activities.

Specific Responsibilities:
-Prepare staff and interns for their instruction of Journey, and Venture skills. Train or recruit others to train based on your expertise and availability.
-Promote an environment where all staff (program team and members of other branches) are progressing in their ability to lead a variety of events.
-Plan who will lead upcoming trips based on ability level, personal development, availability, and needs for specific trips.
-Develop a network of outside instructors.
-Develop procedures for getting these outside instructors up to speed and prepared for the trip as well as debriefing their time afterward.
-Plan Program Training segments of Summer Staff Training
-During the summer, create the Technical Adventure Coordinators' (TACs) schedule
-Train and debrief with TACs
-Coordinate observation of TACs leading adventure activities and offer feedback

General Responsibilities:
- Assisting in guiding when needed in all of the Program Branches: Venture, Journey, Family Adventures, Summer, Wilderness
- Personally engaging in adventures in God’s creation on a regular basis
- Helping out with projects in the Program areas as well as assisting other branches when possible

Bighorn Staff Expectations:
- Engage in regular times of Scripture reading and prayer
- Regularly and actively attend staff connection meeting
- Invest in healthy relationships with staff, guests and participants
- Participate in staff trainings and staff retreats
- Assist other branches by helping with turnaround, dishes, kitchen help, retreat hosting, programming for retreats, cleaning, etc
- Assist in driving when possible
- Raise the amount decided on for your salary by seeking out churches, organizations, and individuals willing to partner with you in ministry
- Submit to the leadership of the Executive Director and the Branch Director team

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Must Raise Full Support
Category:  Programming



Updated: 10/17/2019 3:30:33 PM

Job Contact:
Bekah Cedarleaf

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Why work at Camp Bighorn:

At Camp Bighorn, our staff team is excited to lead, grow, and adventure alongside each other and our participants. Come join us as we seek to steward environments where people encounter the love and hope of Jesus Christ!

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