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Vehicle and Shop Manager

General Responsibilities:
-Maintain and supervise use of camp vehicles and trailers.
-Maintain and supervise use of transportation equipment
-Communicate maintenance supply needs to Ops Director.
-Repair and service camp vehicles in-house where able, or communicate out-of-house repair needs to Ops Director.
-Maintain and organize the Ops Shop.
-Assisting all other areas of Ops as needed.

Specific Responsibilities:
-Perform weekly checks on all camp vehicles during busy seasons, and biweekly checks in slow seasons. Update the vehicle info log accordingly.
-Perform routine maintenance (Oil changes, Tires, etc) on all Camp vehicles on a regular basis.
-Investigate and repair any issues that arise on vehicles, or communicate to the Ops Director so he can schedule the vehicle to be serviced.
-Keep a log of all maintenance and repairs done to vehicles.
-Keeping the Ops shop in a clean and organized state
-In summer, overseeing the weekly cleaning of the camp vehicles.
-Train other camp staff on the operation of camp vehicles (how to use the backup cameras, hooking up a trailer, checking trailer lighting, backing up a trailer, etc)
-Understand and ensure safe operation of vehicle lift.

Bighorn Staff Expectations:
- Be proactive in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
- Be open to working collaboratively.
- Expected to invest in relationships with fellow staff, campers, students and interns.
- Commit to raising the salary amount decided on through budget planning with Mobilization Director.
- Assist with dishes, cabin cleaning, and work days when appropriate.
-Is willing to learn, loves people of all ages and has a consistent devotional life.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Must Raise Full Support
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 6/24/2019 1:03:47 PM

Job Contact:
Bekah Cedarleaf

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Why work at Camp Bighorn:

At Camp Bighorn, our staff team is excited to lead, grow, and adventure alongside each other and our participants. Come join us as we seek to steward environments where people encounter the love and hope of Jesus Christ!

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