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Food Services Director

RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director
AVAILABILITY: Immediate LOCATION: 31 Lasso Dr., Honey Brook, PA 19344

SALARY: The salary is negotiable depending on experience. Package can be discussed.

POSITION: This position is full time (year round) with residency on camp included. It is one of three department lead positions at Tel Hai Camp & Retreat. This person must enjoy serving others and aligned with the camp's Statement of Faith. Attention to details is essential. Hospitality is a must. Flexibility is often required in order to meet the needs of people with special dietary restrictions.

Contact: Tel Hai Camp & Retreat - 610-273-3969 Email:

1. Plan menus and buy food with a pre-arranged budget. Check all delivered food shipments for accuracy and completeness.
2. Prepare meals and snacks that are aesthetically pleasing (attention to presentation), cost efficient, and nutritionally balanced.
3. Keep written records of menus, meals served, and other administrative paperwork as required.
4. Maintain records for government agencies to include Department of Health.
5. Responsible for staffing the necessary part time kitchen staff as required. Also involved in recruiting and hiring dining services summer staff.
6. Supervise and train kitchen staff and volunteers.
7. Strictly enforce proper food handling techniques and sanitation operations.
8. See that the kitchen and dining room are kept clean, orderly, and in good condition.
9. Report any breakage, appliance failures, or areas requiring special attention to the facilities director.
10. Maintain a warm, friendly, serving, hospitable atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room.
11. Maintain a strong relationship with food providers (companies) to ensure timely deliveries.
12. Periodically make special trips to supplement food stores as required.
13. Obtain and maintain a food handler's license from Chester County Health Department.
14. Ensure coffee services to include snacks are provided for incoming retreats in all conference areas.
15. Responsible for buying and stocking the Sweet Shoppe during summer camping season.
16. Launder aprons, towels, dishcloths used in the kitchen.
17. Assist in other areas around the camp as required.

1. Experience in food & dining services to include cooking, baking, and food preparation for retreats (100 attendees) and summer camps (175 attendees).
2. Experience as the Chef for dining establishment.
3. Experience in all the necessary logistics associated with planning ahead to support multiple retreats and camps through bulk purchasing and minimizing over preparation.
4. Experience in all necessary health codes and safety requirements (e.g. fire suppression systems) within a dining facility.
5. Experience in managing a summer staff of kitchen helpers (8) through training, scheduling, and general Christian Leadership.
6. Experience in working in a team environment with other Camp Directors to ensure we support all the ministries that use the facility.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



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Why work at Tel Hai Camp & Retreat:

We are a hospitality ministry providing support staff for children's overnight summer camp and retreat hosting September through May. We also host some of our own programs.

31 Lasso Drive
    Honey Brook, PA 19344-9261

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