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Sous Chef/Lead Cook

Gull Lake Ministries Job Description

Sous Chef


Every staff member at Gull Lake Ministries represents Jesus Christ and is a minister of the Gospel regardless of the department or position. The Bible states in 1st Peter that we are a holy priesthood, offering sacrifices to God through the work He has entrusted us to do. Scripture is clear that everything we do matters to God and he wants to use our service at GLM to minister to others and glorify Jesus. Whether cleaning cottages, repairing vehicles, cooking food, answering phones or teaching Bible studies, we are all Christ’s ministers as we use our specific gifts. Romans 12 urges us as Christ’s Body to use our different gifts as one unified team, knowing that we are all gifted with diverse talents and we are to fully use them to minister and bless others.

With that as the basis for working here, this person will work to ensure the highest quality experience for the guests of Gull Lake Ministries. The job of the Sous is to assist the Executive Chef in overseeing the preparation and service of all food served to our guests throughout the year. This includes: ensuring the cleanliness, safety and sanitation of the snack shops; hiring, supervising and development of kitchen, dining room and snack shop staff; inventory and budgeting controls; and upgrading equipment as necessary.

1. Be a professing Christian who demonstrates growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ, in part through consistent involvement in a local church and regular study of God’s Word.
2. Eager to embrace your God-designed role as a minister of the Gospel.
3. Agree with and sign Gull Lake Ministries’ Statement of Belief.
4. Eager to be equipped to share the Gospel with any guest who needs to know the truth for salvation.
5. Eager to participate in at least two required ministry equipping sessions each year with the entire staff.
6. Willingness to abide by the policies of the Gull Lake Ministries staff handbook.
7. Be a self-starter, professional, energetic, detailed, ambitious and committed to the growth and development of Gull Lake Ministries.
8. Have experience in and a heart for Christian hospitality.
9. At least 3 years of food service experience in a high output kitchen.
10. Demonstrated ability to cook and serve delicious and appealing meals.
11. Demonstrated ability to control budgets and inventory.
12. Demonstrated ability to supervise and develop staff.
13. Demonstrated ability in creating and implementing weekly menus.
14. Ability to lift 50 pounds.

1. Authority to accomplish this job is given by the Executive Chef to whom the Sous Chef is responsible.
2. Authority is given to purchase equipment and materials necessary to accomplish this job. Non-food and equipment purchases over $300 will be made after consultation with the Executive Chef whether or not they are budgeted items. Food purchases can be made if within budget limits.
3. Authority is given to train and supervise Food Service Department staff. Hiring and terminating may only be done after consultation with and approval from the Executive Chef. Hiring may be done within the limits of the approved budgets. Full-time staff may be hired with approval from the Executive Director. The Executive Director should be notified of pending terminations.
4. Authority is given to suspend any camp activity to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Whenever possible this should be done in consultation with the Executive Director or Ministries Director.

1. Responsible to assist the Executive Chef in preparation and serving of all meals for campers and staff. This includes serving healthy, nutritious meals that are well received by the various age groups and at the appointed times, serving the meals in an attractive, appealing style and having sufficient amounts available.
2. Responsible to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen and snack shops. Also ensure the health and safety of the guests and staff as it pertains to food service. This includes: Maintaining high standards of personal and professional cleanliness. Meeting or exceeding health regulations (i.e. local and state). Responding immediately and resolving promptly all known problems in this area.
3. Responsible to manage the food cost of meals and assist the Executive Chef in running a cost effective department.
4. Responsible to communicate with and assist all departments with food service needs. This includes: helping train staff, coordinating meals for program or volunteer events and providing necessary equipment.
5. Responsible to train and supervise the dish crew and cooks in the food service department.
6. Responsible to manage the hours of all kitchen staff, in accordance with labor laws.
7. To participate in bi-annual ministry training sessions to become better equipped for ministry.
8. Responsible to attend staff meetings, communication meetings and other staff functions and to ensure the attendance of subordinates at appropriate meetings and functions when possible.
9. Responsible to work in cooperation with other staff members with a willingness to assist in other departments should the need arise.
10. To be able to clearly share the Gospel using Scripture.
11. To put ministry to people over physical tasks when needed.
12. To perform other tasks as assigned by the Executive Chef or Executive Director.
1. A salary as set by the Executive Director.
2. Meals during working hours.
3. Other benefits as outlined in the Staff Handbook

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 6/27/2019 12:15:20 PM

Job Contact:
Alex Roussakis
(269) 671-5155

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Why work at Gull Lake Ministries:

Gull Lake Ministries exists to exalt Jesus and share his extravagant love with families. We operate as a nondenominational, Christian summer resort and luxury year-round retreat center in Southwest Michigan. We cultivate an immersive experience marked by physical refreshment, relational connection, and spiritual rejuvenation. Our portfolio encompasses gourmet fare, lavish lakeside accommodations, action-packed activities, and strategic family programming characterized by exceptional, Christ-like service.

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