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Program Manager

The Program Manager responsibility is two fold:
1. Leadership for Summer Camp Programs - including summer staff hiring, program development, summer discipleship, staff training. This position will assume the role as the Program Director in the summer months. The Program Manager will also assist and take a lead role in the future year round discipleship program.
2. Activities – As a primary focus for 10 months of camp is our guest group operation, this position will lead activities for our many groups.

Essential Functions
1. Encourage the professional and spiritual growth staff under your care.
2. Assist in maintaining ACA (American Camping Association) and CCCA (Christian Camping & Conference Association) accreditation standards as well as the preparation of all necessary reports - the majority of these accreditations are based upon programmatic elements

The Program Manager has 2 main functions - 1. Summer Camping Programs 2. Activities Leader for Guest Groups
1. Summer Programs
• Assist the Camp Director / DYS’s in the design, execution, and evaluation of camp programs that meet the needs and interests of the camp target populations, to ensure the mission of camp (fun, safe, God) is being accomplished.
a. Annually seek and analyze input from youth, families, Corps and staff regarding the quality, safety and enjoyment of the program by all participants.
• Work with Camp Director and DYS’s in the planning, daily operation, and coordination of the summer resident camps.
a. Work closely with the Camp Director, DYS’s, and other full time staff leaders to ensure the successful execution of an efficient and effective Summer Christian Camping program.
b. Provide leadership and take a lead role in ensuring the year-round summer programs task list is completed on time and efficiently.
c. Assist. in the planning and provide oversight for summer camp staff training/orientation. The purpose is to train the summer staff for their ministry positions while organizing an orientation week that trains according to our mission (fun, safe, God).
d. Takes a lead role and in conjunction with DYS’s and Camp Director in hiring summer staff who are the right fit for Christian Ministry at camp.
e. Work with Camp Director (DYS) to implement, evaluate, and oversee summer discipleship program.
f. Assume the role for one of the Program Directors during summer ministries.

3. Activities
• Lead all activities needed for groups. This includes inspections, organization, scheduling, maintaining, training, and supervision of all activity items.
• Routine inspections of all activity areas and equipment to ensure the highest standards are being met according to local regulations, ACA and TSA policies.
• Ensure all activities are organized according to guest group and summer camp needs.
• Schedule all staff needed to accomplish activity needs.
• Responsible for the appropriate training and supervision of activity staff
• Responsibility to maintaining inventories and to seek approval for the purchase of new needed equipment.
• Supervise lifeguards and ensure the pool operation is efficient including all equipment.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Marty Brown
(818) 222-6327

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Why work at Pine Summit:

Camp Mt. Crags & Gilmore is a vital ministry of the Salvation Army in Southern California. After recently adopting a new staffing structure, we need a team that will take our camp onward and upward.

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