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Individual Camp Program Director

Job Purpose:? To carry out the Mission of Camp Eagle by running the Individual Camp Program
in all aspects: filling the beds for the summer; developing curriculum; and hiring, training, and managing a great team of summer staff; while also directing the program in a way that meets the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children while they are here and invites more families to take part.

Works With:? The program team in the overall direction of Camp Eagle Programs, the summer camp team (Group Camp and Wilderness) in the planning and operations of summer camps, and the Individual Camp staff in the oversight and direction of Headwaters (1st-7th grade) and Teen Camp (8th-12th grade) camps.

Direct Reports: ?One full time assistant for the Headwaters Individual Camp program and one full time assistant for the Teen Camp program.

We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic and a desire to live and work in a close community to serve in the role of Individual Camp Program Director. We are passionate about our mission statement and are looking for a like-minded person who is willing to serve alongside us. Please thoughtfully consider each part of our mission statement, job description, and description of our ministry and community before applying.

To inspire Christ-like change through
Outdoor Adventure
Authentic Relationships and
Biblical Truth

The makeup of our community determines a large part of what it is like to live and work here.

We have about 90 people who live on-site year round, comprised of: full-time staff and families, gap-year students, and retreat interns. Since we are far from any large towns or cities, all of our full-time staff lives on-site (except our City Camp Director who lives in San Antonio). For example, the time to travel to the closest Walmart in Kerrville is one hour. Camp Eagle is a beautiful place with many natural resources but calls for somewhat remote living. Camp Eagle recently went through a fast growth phase and is seeking to be excellent in all we do and become a leader in our industry. However, just like each of us, we have many shortcomings but hope to use even those to serve Jesus Christ.

Job Duties:
? Implement and carry out a strategic marketing plan that reaches our target demographic and fits with the overall Camp Eagle campaign. This will involve both on-site and off-site marketing efforts
? Make weekly calls to new and current Individual Campers
? Monitor Salesforce for new registrants and develop relationships to encourage them to bring other campers
? Understand the importance of marketing for your campers
? Assist in designing, creating, and implementing a successful marketing strategy for your program
? Attend Camp Fairs and marketing events with Summer Camps staff and other staff
? Attend camper extra-curricular events regularly
? Provide material and assist in online blog
? Help organize and send birthday cards, fall letters, and spring postcards to current
? Identify and ask potential families for potential marketing efforts with them
? Implement new ways of sharing Camp Eagle with our target market
? Answer emails from parents in a timely fashion
? Be on-the-road, marketing your program; usually at least 28 days of the off-season
? Maintain relationships with vendors, agents, campers, and parents
? Grow camper numbers each year to reach maximum capacity and budgeted goals
? Learn our proprietary registration and report generating program based in Salesforce and utilize it in a high capacity
? Assist guests that have problems registering and efficiently pass on to technical support staff if the problem is not understood by you
? Work with technical support staff to quickly resolve guests problems
? Perform administrative tasks related to managing your program and registering guests
? Communicate effectively and professionally with parents and guardians of campers
Program Development
? Create and maintain a first-class Christian summer camp experience for boys and girls in 1st through 12th grade that meets the needs of youth and children in the present culture with the truth of God’s word
? Establish experiences and studies for a Biblical curriculum each year that fits with a relevant theme and makes the Bible come alive for youth and children
? Create morning stage-based programming elements to fit with summer theme
? Minister to camper families year round through consistent contact
? Develop new activities appealing to teen campers, working with Challenge Course
Manager for activities that require any structure or safety equipment
? Create activity rotations for each week of summer camp based on activity availability, communicating often with Challenge Course Manager and other program directors
? Administer safety and compliance awareness and implementation for all areas of the program
? Send weekly survey invitations to all campers and their guardians
? Monitor surveys for chances to provide feedback in ways to encourage guests and parents and win them over in cases where they might be disappointed
? Provide feedback to most guests that provide negative survey feedback
? Work six days per week in the summers to ensure a quality program is being provided for your guests
? Assess quality of programming at all times, making sure to communicate quickly and effectively with other staff in a way to remedy problems and improve quality, all in a professional manner
? Ensure programming lines up with our mission, vision, and values
? Understand camps Child Protection Plan (CPP) and actively engage discussion in ways to ensure successful implementation of the CPP, looking for ways to protect each guests safety
? Keep pertinent camp session information organized and use camps digital systems to help with this
? Inventory all program related supplies from year to year and make purchases as necessary to maintain quality of program within budget constraints.
? Have weekly tactical meetings with Director of Programs
Staff Recruiting and Development
? Partner with the summer camp team in recruiting Christ-like college age students
? Obtain and maintain necessary certifications to adequately and lawfully train summer staff
? Interview potential staff according to hiring policy
? Train summer staff in all areas of what it takes to perform their summer job role
? Lead college age staff in carrying out the Camp Eagle mission while leading an
exemplary personal life
? Engage forming relationships with staff, campers, and campers parents
? Hold daily and weekly meetings with summer staff to align them with the needs for the day/week
? Work to keep staff happy and healthy
? Give out demerits to staff according to demerit policy
? Lead summer Program Heads in such that they are equipped to lead your summer staff and ensure the program’s success
? When necessary be up front, leading staff towards the next thing that is needed to be done
? Assist in creating a summer staff training schedule
? Ensure summer staff training schedule is followed and successful, meeting often with other key staff to ensure quality training is happening, adjusting the schedule as needed throughout training
? Monitor speaker and worship leaders performance and provide timely and effective
feedback in a professional manner
? Lead summer staff in prayer often

Other Duties of ALL Camp Eagle Staff: ?We operate year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff must participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends, and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.

Character, Education, Abilities, Skills, Experience:
? Strong sense of calling to further the Christian church by (in every way) ministering to students and college-age summer staff.
? Lead a life that in every way, inspires Christ-like change outside of Camp Eagle.
? Maintain a certain level of physical fitness so you are able to lead summer staff and students in knowledge and physical abilities.
? Willing and able to live life in a community of 80 plus people in an isolated environment.
? Ability to help guide 18-24 year old summer staff in decisions about their future life
? Ability to work flexible and sometimes long hours if needed.
? Willingness to put all others before self.
? Ability to confront, encourage, and inspire summer staff and students towards excellence in their work and lives.
? Ability to carefully discipline summer staff when needed.
? Ability to live in a setting where job duties may fluctuate and change on a daily basis.
? Ability to easily communicate with college-age students and other adult staff members in a professional, polite, and enjoyable manner.
? Comfortable teaching Biblical truth in large group settings (in front of 500 people).
? Comfortable teaching Biblical truth in small group settings (in front of 10 people).
? Administrative and organizational skills (Excel, program-specific software, etc.)
? Travel for recruiting & marketing and willingness to be on the road many weeks during the year. (valid U.S. License).
? Ability to professionally represent all of Camp Eagle Adventure Camp’s Programs in marketing situations.
? Happy to give of yourself day and night during the 13-14 weeks of summer, putting this ministry before your own wants or perceived needs.
? Ability to push through when times are difficult, uncomfortable, and stretching.

Work Context:
This job will be performed primarily on location at Camp Eagle with frequent travel for marketing and recruiting summer staff purposes.
You will be asked to work above and beyond a “normal” 40 hour week much of the time, but adequate time off to renew physically and spiritually will be given to you.

Multiple trips each month throughout Texas and surrounding states is required for camper marketing and retention. Trips will also be required for the support of recruiting for summer staff. Trips may be multiple nights in length. Camp Eagle provides reimbursement for travel related costs.

Physical Demands: ?Ability to lift 60 lbs, sit in office, hike, stand all day, be willing to get your hands dirty.

Work Environment: ?Most work will be done throughout campus, including indoors and outdoors. This may include working in inclement weather conditions throughout the year.

Training: ?Camp Eagle employees will be given opportunity for improvement through
appropriate training.

Compensation: ?Salary, onsite housing, medical insurance, 401(k) retirement package after one year, and paid vacation time. See HR and/or potential supervisor for details.

Disclaimer: ?This Job Description is not a complete description of all that is necessary to do your job. Also, all camp employees are expected to do what it takes to work as a team, even with other departments, to serve guests. This is not only an expectation, but a value that we hold to as an organization. We will help each other get the mission done. This Job Description is not entirely comprehensive of all tasks required by this position.


Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Kyle Plett
(830) 683-3219

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Why work at Camp Eagle:

Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. Does that sound like something you want to do?

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