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Camp Administrator

Facility Description: WorldSong Missions Place is a 618-acre camp that sits at the base of Bald Mountain in Cook Springs, Alabama. WorldSong is owned and operated by Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union for the purpose of developing missional children, teenagers and adults. While WorldSong is large in acreage, our bed space is approximately 200 persons when camp is full. WorldSong is small and special. The mission of her owners is to expose all campers to God’s heart so that those who live separated from Him may come to know Him. We are a missions camp. For further description, visit

Job Description:
The Camp Administrator is responsible to the Executive Director of Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union and has the responsibility for administration, maintenance, development and execution of plans, policies and operations of WorldSong Missions Place.

Job Assignments:
1. Able to deal with multiple matters and/or projects at one time.
2. Conduct general maintenance on equipment, facilities and grounds to ensure a safe and attractive environment.
3. Prepare and manage annual budget.
4. Handle/Oversee reservations, fees and payments.
5. Supervise employees (maintenance, grounds, housekeeping, kitchen and office staff).
6. Work closely alongside the WorldSong Missions Strategist to accomplish programming.
7. Consult with Executive Director in the hiring of non-seasonal hourly employees.
8. Set work schedules and administer payroll.
9. Enlist and manage appropriate volunteers and contract workers as needed.
10. Ensure development and implementation of promotion and marketing plan that is in line with the mission of the camp and Alabama WMU.
11. Seek to continually create an environment that honors God, promotes missions and provides an excellent experience for those who visit.
12. Be responsible for maintaining compliance with Alabama Fire Marshal Codes, local and state health codes and OSHA regulations.
13. Maintains proper ropes course certification.
14. Maintain inventory of all camp equipment and report to Office of Alabama WMU.
15. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Camp Director



Updated: 10/10/2018 2:40:54 PM

Job Contact:
Candace McIntosh
(334) 613-2222

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Why work at WorldSong Missions Place:

WorldSong offers a beautiful retreat setting for our guests to enjoy God's creation. Current staff works well together.

1200 WorldSong Camp Road
    Pell City, AL 35125

(334) 613-2222

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