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Camp Otyokwah Executive Director

Executive Director, Camp Otyokwah

Position Relationship:

The Executive Director is accountable to the Otyokwah Board of Trustees under the established policies of the Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference.

Camp Mission:

Camp Otyokwah is a dynamic center providing innovative services and opportunities for the evangelism, fellowship, education, and nurturing of people of all ages.

Preferred Qualifications:

• 5+ years of experience in an Executive Director or equivalent position with oversight of a camping operation
• Theological or biblical training and education experience


Executive Director must be willing to relocate to housing within close proximity to Camp Otyokwah.

Salary Range:

$42,000 - $48,000 annually

Principal Responsibilities:

• To maintain an active and vibrant relationship with Christ
• Ability to interact with people of all ages
• To select, hire, train, evaluate, and terminate staff as needed for the operation of the camp
• Determine candidates for camp deans to be brought to the Board of Trustees for approval
• Management of paid and volunteer staff
• Develop facilities and follow maintenance protocols
• Oversee maintenance and upkeep of facilities including safety policies and procedures
• Ensure compliance with all church and government policies and regulations
• Build and maintain church relationships with Church of God churches and non-COG churches
• Perform long and short range planning in cooperation with the Board of Trustees
• Research, recommend, and develop best practices for Christian camping
• Monitor, implement, and control financial management practices including, but not limited to fundraising, grant writing, and marketing.
• Provide and promote a vibrant Christian atmosphere

An Overview of Camp Otyokwah:


Otyokwah Camp and Retreat Center began in June 1947 under the foresight and leadership of the Churches of God, General Conference based in Findlay, Ohio. Its purpose has been to provide the setting and facility for fellowship, nurture, and ministry to people of all ages. Over the years at Otyokwah Camp and Retreat Center, many people have come to know Christ, been baptized, made friends, had enjoyable times, and made many memories.


Otyokwah Camp and Retreat Center is located in Butler, OH; Richland County. The camp is nearly half way between Columbus and Cleveland and only 5 minutes from Mohican State Park. The local area is a recreation corridor in the State of Ohio.

Grounds and Facilities:

The 260 acre camp with a summer capacity of 246, spring and fall capacity of 174 persons, and a winter capacity of 94 has seen $2.7 million in improvements in last 12 years. Primary facilities and features of the camp include:
• Year-round dining hall
• Two year-round lodges
• Four 3-season cabins
• Seven summer cabins
• Two shower houses
• Summer chapel
• Game room
• Large pavilion
• Swim-lake
• Climbing wall
• Two on-site residences

Annual Camp Facility Utilization: 10,000 camper days

Annual Budget: $350,000, debt-free


• 3 ½ weeks of Church of God summer programs – 30% camper growth in 2018
• 5 ½ weeks of week-long summer rentals that have rented Otyokwah for at least three years consecutively
Year-Round Staff Team:
• FT Executive Director
• FT Program Manager
• FT Facility Manager
• PT Office Manager
• PT Food Service Manager

Positive Aspects:

• Otyokwah summer camp programs were on a general slow decline from 2009-2017. We hired Travis Allison, Marketing Consultant, and he has been very helpful with providing direction to our marketing efforts. Most of those efforts have been rebuilding our website as well as engaging our existing campers and supporting churches. Travis’ contract with us runs through January 2019. This contract could potentially be extended and at this point would be my recommendation even if it means less frequent coaching from Travis.
• Thanks to marketing efforts starting in fall of 2017, our Great Lakes Conference summer camp attendance grew 30% in 2018. While we may not see 30% growth in 2019, Travis expects continued growth if we continue to build on what we are already doing.
• Otyokwah has some financial reserves and is debt free. This allows for decisions to be made in the best interest of camp and not purely what is needed to pay the bills.
• Otyokwah is supported by Great Lakes Conference as generations of people have been impacted by its ministry.
• Otyokwah has received several financial grants from the GLC Foundation.
• Otyokwah has a diverse Board of Trustees that have been personally impacted by camp and want to see the camp thrive, not just survive.
• Pop Tewell Scholarship Fund offers many kids a chance to go to camp in the summer.

Upcoming Opportunities:

• There are funds left over from recent cabin and shower house renovations that could be re-allocated by the Board of Trustees for the next capital improvement project.
• Otyokwah has a program development fund that can be utilized for new programs with the Board of Trustees approval.
• If oil and gas development continues in the local area, there may be an opportunity for significant income. Camp Otyokwah has existing oil/gas leases for the property.

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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
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Job Contact:
Nick Hall
(419) 883-3854

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Why work at Otyokwah Camp & Retreat Center:

We desire to engage individuals and move them toward maturity in Christ through authentic relationships and transformational experiences.

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