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Program Director

The program director is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and coordinating camp programs for 7 weeks of summer camp held at Cooperstown Bible Camp (CBC) and year-round weekend retreats.
• Must have a personal relationship with Jesus that demonstrates the Lordship of Christ and models servant spiritual leadership for all staff
• Must be able to handle and balance seasons of intense time commitments and demands of the camping environment
• Highly organized and self-motivated person who takes initiative without prompting
• Servant-minded individual that seeks to enhance every camper’s experience
• Must possess a ministry-minded mentality when interacting with all campers of CBC and be willing to go beyond job descriptions to meet the needs of campers
• Initiate and cultivate relationships with campers, and staff members through participation in camp activities, meetings, and fellowship time
• Be a spiritual leader and example for all year-round, volunteer, and summer staff
• Recruit and hire summer staff and volunteers needed
• Implement the summer program and spiritual theme
• Schedule speakers for each camp as needed. Communicate necessary information to them
• Oversee the execution of summer camp programs and daily schedules
• Oversee Adventure Program Facilities
• Train summer staff on Adventure Program Facilities
• Orchestrate and participate in annual training and inspection of Adventure Program facilities and equipment, pursue course instructor certification
• Develop summer staff training program that is comprehensive in scope with an emphasis on safety:
o materials/manual/summer job descriptions
o Collaborate with Maintenance, Food Services, Office Manager, Health Staff to determine needed training materials
• Coordinate summer staff training
• Lead counselor meetings
• Promote CBC summer camp programs through church visitations
• Coordinate bus transportation during summer camps to the city pool
• Inventory, store, maintain, and purchase all needed summer program equipment
• Confront, lead, counsel, and mediate between as needed and inform Director
• Encourage summer staff members via notes, individual conversations, etc.
• Communicate effectively and work in conjunction with Maintenance Director and Kitchen Personnel as needed if their help is needed in planned activities
• Write an evaluation each week based on observation and staff and camper evaluation.
• Write a comprehensive report at the end of the summer camping season for distribution to the CBC Board of Directors
• Purchase program supplies and equipment within budget parameters
• Develop necessary brochures, mailings for summer camp registration
• Develop promotional video/photographs and materials for use in churches and for use in future promotional events/materials
• Write or oversee the writing of an end of the summer newsletter to be distributed to donors and churches at the end of the summer

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 8/27/2018 7:32:53 PM

Job Contact:
Tim Bryantt
(701) 797-2174

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Why work at Cooperstown Bible Camp:

Cooperstown Bible Camp is a high impact, life changing ministry that exists "To develop relationships between campers and Christ."

11776 3rd Street SE
    Cooperstown, ND 58425-9159

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