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Facilities Director

Position: Facilities Director

Responsible To: Camp Executive Director

1. Have a personal relationship with Christ and a proven desire to grow in him.
2. Is a witness to Christ to others through words and/or actions.
3. Adheres to Shiloh Bible Conferences mission, vision, goals and statement of faith.
4. Is willing to learn, loves people of all ages and has a consistent devotional life.
5. Willing to put personal desires aside for the good of the campers and guests.
6. Is flexible and able to work with other staff, campers, and guests as a team.
7. Has a passion of service in the maintenance/operations field.
8. Is self motivated and a proven ability to take initiative when appropriate
9. Has an attitude of excellence.
10. Has the ability to lead a group of people in a supervisory role.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
1. Assist in the vision and planning of capital property improvements.
2. Participate in the planning and priority lists for facility improvement.
3. Ensure the safety, proper inspection, and documentation of our program activities.
4. Be proactive in preventative maintenance planning that includes vehicles, HVAC, and facilities.
5. Keep equipment in good working order following maintenance schedules
6. Keep maintenance logs up to date and take care of requests in a timely manor
7. Ensure that outdoor lighting is properly working
8. See that our drinking water system is safe and operational
9. Ensure that the buildings are clean and in good repair
10. See that the landscaping in cared for and have a vision for landscaping
11. Maintain the camp roadways and see that they are cleared of ice and snow
12. Maintain the operations and safety of the canoes and water equipment
13. Be proactive in preventive maintenance
14. Manage our utility accounts and budget items for facilities and grounds work
15. See that the facilities are ready for incoming groups
16. Keep all work areas clean and safe from injury
17. Be flexible to work in other areas of camp when it’s needed. We are a team.

All positions at Shiloh Bible Conference are support based and staff are considered full-time missionaries. Shiloh Bible Conference is considered its own ministry and staff are able to raise funds directly through the ministry of Shiloh Bible Conference.

Housing is provided onsite for full-time staff. Utilities are covered in a limited capacity.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Must Raise Full Support
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 8/6/2018 11:52:14 AM

Job Contact:
Michael Crase
(208) 325-8239

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Why work at Shiloh Bible Conference:

We seek to be faithful to our purpose of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that every camper has fun and grows in their relationship with Jesus. "Study, Do & Teach the Word"

13165 Gestrin Road
    Donnelly, ID 83615

(208) 325-8239

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