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President Position Description
Approved on July 16, 2018

TITLE: The title shall be President

CONVICTIONS: Must have Christian convictions in keeping with the doctrines and policies of the Christian faith, be a person comfortable in an openly professing Christian faith community, and be ready to witness to their personal faith journey following Jesus Christ.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or possess a minimum of five years of managerial and leadership experience in Christian ministry, preferably in the camping and retreat ministry field. Must possess the knowledge to understand the program, facility, and financial aspects of Jumonville with the ability to manage and give direction to the entire ministry.

1. The President is the Chief Executive Officer and shall be responsible to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and ultimately to the Board of Directors of the Corporation, and his/her performance shall be evaluated annually by the Board & Staff Development Committee. The President is hired and fired by the Board.
2. The compensation shall be salary agreed upon with regard to the scope of work involved and includes base salary, on-site housing, hospitalization, and retirement. Expense reimbursement for business mileage is provided. An employment contract will be issued.

LINE OF AUTHORITY: The President is responsible for the overall operation of Jumonville and is directly accountable to the Jumonville Board of Directors. All department heads report to the President.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: This description of duties is not intended to limit or describe the detailed activities of the President, but rather, to define areas of responsibility. It is expected that as situations arise calling for action, they will be handled expeditiously.

Board Relationships/Responsibilities
• Under the direction of the Jumonville Board, is responsible for leading the development and monitoring the status of the Strategic Plan.
• Collaborates with the Jumonville Foundation Board to direct the organization’s fundraising priorities and address Jumonville’s needs. Meets with strategic donors.
• Prepares monthly reports that are distributed to the Jumonville Board members and the Jumonville Foundation Trustees. Prepares an annual report at the first meeting after the close of the year.
• Serves as an ex-officio member on each of the board committees and shall attend Jumonville Board and the Jumonville Foundation Board meetings. Keeps Board members and members of Board Committees informed of matters impacting their corresponding sphere of responsibility, including consulting with the Board &Staff Development Committee regarding the hiring and termination of all department heads.
• Is encouraged to hold memberships and represent Jumonville in professional groups in this field, such as the Christian Camp and Conference Association, the American Camp Association, and/or Christian Camping International, and United Methodist Organizations, and attend such professional conferences that will enhance his/her performance and broaden the Board’s knowledge of the industry.
• Works with and serves as an ex-officio member of the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church Camping and Retreat committees in its development of programs for religious education.

• Leads staff and works with the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church and other Christian ministries to develop Jumonville programs which support the needs of the community and facilitate Christian growth, on and off the mountain top, to include working with staff to develop a coordinated schedule for summer camping and other year-round Jumonville programs.
• Leads oversight for day-to-day operations through performance indicators, budgets, policies, and qualified staff and related job descriptions, oversees camp utilization, and implements strategies and plans that income offsets overall camp expenses. This can include donations and utilization of restricted and unrestricted funds according to board policy.
• Directs and monitors the performance of department heads, including Maintenance, Food Service, Guest Services, Housekeeping, and potentially other Department Head positions as determined appropriate.
• Monitors guest satisfaction and safety and responds accordingly to implement policies and procedures for continually enhancing customer service.
• Assures Jumonville has adequate technology to support operational needs, including maintenance of the Jumonville website, database development and maintenance, and server functionality and backup processes.
• Monitors the condition and use of facilities in order to assure continual guest satisfaction and preservation of high quality facilities. This includes translating needs into operational and capital budgets.
• Assures adequate marketing, promotional mix, and public relations, including approval of materials which represent the organization’s goals and image.

• Develops with the Board Finance Committee an annual balanced budget and appropriate reports for review and approval by the Board, including salary recommendations to the Board & Staff Development Committee.
• Monitors and manages Jumonville’s financial performance and implements growth and business development strategies and/or expense management initiatives according to the organization’s financial indicators, and follows proper audit procedures.
• Is responsible for assuring that Jumonville is compliant with accreditation standards from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Executive Director



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Job Contact:
David Kunes
(724) 439-4912

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