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Assistant Director/Operations Director

Opportunity to be a part of a growing Christian Camp ministry, located in the beautiful north woods of MN. Camp Jesus Is Mine is preparing to go into phase 2 of our vision. We will be focused more on discipleship and mentoring of youth and young adults. Great opportunity to be part of that team and see what God will be doing. If developing future Christian leaders for Gods kingdom is something your interested in contact us.

Assistant Director/Operations:

Camp JIM (Jesus Is Mine) was founded in 1932 by Arnold Frie, a missionary with the American Sunday School Union, now known as In Faith. It was founded with the vision to provide an affordable Christian camp to support low income families and the young churches being started in MN during the depression. We later became an independent, Non-denominational Christian camp under his leadership.

In the past 15 years the camp has quadrupled in size, growing from 2 full time staff to 8 full time staff, plus interns. The facility has undergone over 60% replacement (270 beds) and we are currently ministering to 7 different nationalities and operating 14 different programmed events in addition to our nearly 100 guest groups, 4,000 guests annually. All of our new facilities are modern with plumbing and A/C.

2019 we are expanding facilities and are entering a growing phase with a vision to expand discipleship and training ministries in the near future. It's a ground floor opportunity to be a part of that planning and development. As a staff team we teach various areas to interns and desire to develop a more formal discipleship training school.

We are looking for a strong believer who desires to pour into the staff and guests, who wants to see the Christian Camp be used as a tool of the local church to reach the lost and disciple the saved as part of everyday life.

What does a day look like? Communications with guests, staff and programs. Meetings with departments and guests. Making observations of things needing attention around camp and working with director to set goals and then carry out those goals. Ministering with campers and staff as needed. Leadership with staff as we carry out our mission. Being flexible to fill in where needed.

As a smaller staff, we wear many hats in a variety of areas. Flexibility is key and a servant's heart is essential. Our goal is to work together to meet the mission of Camp JIM which is to lovingly teach and model the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, and to encourage people to grow in faith and service.

If this is something you feel God may be leading you to look into more, contact Tony Masurka (Executive Director). or cell 218-851-6769 and I would love the opportunity to share about this roll.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Tony Masurka

Ministry Description

JOB TITLE: Assistant Director/Operations


Works alongside of Executive Director in operations of camp, promotion and staff leadership development.

? Work closely with the Executive Director (ED) in developing and maintaining the vision and strategic plan to guide the ministry, with special focus on operations, church relations and guest ministries.
? Foster effective teamwork and relationships with camp staff, volunteers, and guests.
? Lead staff team to be camper ready while remaining spiritually focused.
? Work with staff team to promote at events and churches in order to enhance the organization's positive community profile and share Christ.
? Focus on leadership and promotion of guest ministries and overseeing our ministry to guests. (We have expanded camp's facilities. As a result, we will need to focus on filling these areas to expand rental guests).
? Travel regularly to follow up with guests, meet prospective guests, and promote camp at various churches and ministries.
? Oversight of food service, staff and volunteers, ensuring effective communication with departments and guests need. Fill in if needed for ordering in absence of cook. (All staff help with food service)
? Scheduling of operations and staff related to hosting and food needs.
? As we grow this person will take on more operations side of the camp.

Operational planning and management
? Responsible for operation of the guest ministries, oversee bookings, contacts... (Office staff can do routine billings and some office things).
? Work with other staff and volunteers in hosting guest groups to provide 24/7 availability (when on call).
? Operational leadership of team working closely with Executive Director in meeting goals and building a healthy staff team.
? Ensure that all staff working with guests receive an orientation as to the needs/goals of organization and that appropriate training is provided.
? Meet with staff regularly to keep open communications and facilitate a healthy camp environment, especially in the areas of guests, summer staffing, spiritual growth and upcoming events. Currently we do weekly staff development and communications meetings.
? Work with Executive Director and fill-in in his absence with oversight of operations on a day to day basis.

Financial planning and management
? Cooperatively with ED, research funding sources and help with friend raising/fundraising.
? Ensure that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed.
? Verify all billing and recording/tracking deposits for guest groups is being done correctly.
? Record keeping (hours, projects, sick days, vacation time taken), keep available for review.

Community relations
? Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community groups, funders, churches, para-ministries, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the camps mission statement.
? Continue to maintain and grow church base and ensure positive relationships.
? Actively seek ways to be a partner with like minded organizations to promote camp and the furtherance of the gospel.


Experience: Has related experience [2+ years preferred]

Education: Bachelor’s level or higher or equivalent experience

Bible believing, active follower of Jesus Christ and regular church attendee in good standing.

KSA (knowledge, skills, abilities)
? Able to plan, coordinate, evaluate, delegate, train and supervise others; ability to lead by example.
? Excellent communicator both in groups and one on one.
? Can discipline staff when needed, doing so in love and a desire to see them succeed and grow.
? Able to promote and minister/preach in churches, sharing about camp and the Gospel.
? Functions well in an office environment, and keep clear records and schedules.
? Enjoys organizing, both administrative and personal
? Able to communicate through texting, e-mail and good at following up with phone calls.
? Able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Google drive and calendar.
? Able to learn and teach the various areas of camp ministry and train others.
? Desires to serve guests, often guests recruited while traveling, and maintain those relationships on and off site.
? Safe driver, with good driving record. At least 21 years of age, able to travel up to several hours in both rural and metro areas.
? Can collaboratively develop, articulate, and implement outreach initiatives which build relationships and communicate the value of camp and ministry.
? Creative thinker who approaches situations in new and innovate ways; and fosters and encourages creativity in others to benefit the mission of camp.
? Forward thinking, self starter by nature, and take initiative.
? Values teamwork and collaboration, works to foster healthy relationships.
? Focused, organized, detail oriented people-person who is able to balance tasks with opportunities to minister to people at camp and off. Balances family and ministry well.

Personal characteristics
? Passion for camp ministry and people, with a sincere desire to see the camp ministry used for God's glory.
? Encourager by nature, passionate about seeing people grow in Christ.
? Can relate cross culturally, (we serve 7 different nationalities "currently").
? Patient and compassionate- we work with a lot of low income and non churched families.
? Can work cross denominationally. We are non-denominational, therefore we serve a variety of Evangelical churches.
? Loves the church and camp, and desires to use the camp to help build the church.
? Is qualified as an Elder in accordance with 1Timothy 3. Can be Female.
? Is in full agreement with Camp JIM's Vision, Mission and policies.
? Is eager to serve the needs of camp, campers, and guests with excellence and a sincere spirit, even when personally inconvenient to do so, and willing to go the extra mile (Matt. 5:41).
? Desires to serve Jesus Christ as part of a team.
? Is able to work with campers and staff in a cooperative, supervisory, and encouraging manner.
? Is eager to learn and shows a consistent walk with God. Is willing to forego some personal rights (i.e., work odd hours and weekends) for the ministry.
? Is moral and ethical in all personal and business-related matters.
? Observes what needs to be done with a sense of responsibility to do it well.
? Should be professional, relational, neat, and clean in practice and appearance.
? Love people and serving.
? Positive outlook, sees opportunities whenever possible, loves to see God work.
? Love for the lost as we minister to lower income and a lot of non churched youth.
? Humble and approachable.

~Great opportunity for someone wanting to be working in a smaller Christian Camp environment that is in the middle of a development/growth phase.
~Smaller staff team (8 full time plus interns) working closely with a lot of overlap and variety.
~Love variety, we are growing and changing and God has been giving us a variety of challenges and opportunities.
~Camp provides $40,000 gross salary/year.
~(Optional) to raise support in addition to salary.
~Full time average 40-60 hrs/week, year round.
~Camp would provide transportation, used for promotion, not personal use.
~$25 per month cell reimbursement.
~Paid vacation and holidays.
~No medical, dental or on-site housing.

To apply:
Step 1. E-mail and send a resume and request a general application.
Step 2. We will contact you as to whether or not we will want to request a specific application and references.
Step 3. We set up a time to do interview at the camp.

Questions may be directed to or you can call my cell 218-851-6769.
Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing God lead.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant Director



Updated: 10/5/2019 9:06:20 AM

Job Contact:
Tony Masurka
(218) 829-6767

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Why work at Camp JIM:

Camp JIM (Jesus Is Mine) is a non-denominational Christian camp. Providing year round, quality, affordable & biblicaly sound programs and retreats for churches and families for over 86 years. We are a growing ministry that serves lower income people as well as ministries to 8 different cultures, we are passionate about reaching our community as well as partnering with like minded ministries with the goal of seeing the Gospel spread! We are a growing staff team, we work closely together to accomplish camps mission. If you want to be a part of a hands on Christian Camp Ministry and desire to be challenged not just physically, but also spiritually talk to us.

1026 Camp Jim Road SW
    Pillager, MN 56473-2225

(218) 829-6767

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