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Food Services/Dining Manager

Dining Manager General Duties and responsibilities :

The Dining Manager ensures that everything related to serving our guests in the dining area is organized, neat, clean, pleasant, cheerful and godly. The chief tasks require organization, coordination of schedules and ability to forecast or predict needs. The Dining Manager provides an interface between the kitchen and guest, both receiving what has been prepared by the kitchen and presenting the food at the buffet in a timely and organized fashion. The Dining Manager uses various tools and equipment (warming station, warming trays, soup kettles, and so on) to keep warm food warm while on its way to the buffet or the guests’ table. The Dining Manager oversees various other staff, including permanent, seasonal and volunteer workers, to train, schedule, instruct, and supervise them to achieve and maintain the goals and vision of the Fellowship Deaconry Dining ministry. The Dining Manager specifically oversees the areas known as the dining room, the pantry, the dish pit and the Sweet Shop. Given the guidelines of the Fellowship Deaconry and limited by the Deaconry vision for the dining ministry, the Dining Manager has the core missions of keeping all areas clean at all times, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the dining area through decorating, ensuring a pleasant and uniform appearance among dining staff, fostering a Godly atmosphere of courtesy and respect among the staff toward one another, and toward our guests.

Task lists:


Oversee employees (Dining Staff, cleanup, Sweet Shop)
Monitor overall presentation of food
Ensure compliance with health and food safety standards and regulations
Ensure compliance with employee safety standards
Responsible for employees’ schedule
Ensure employees are completing daily tasks
Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas for cleanliness
Maintain stock of items needed for daily service
Cooperate with the assigned dining “Host” to ensure customers are satisfied with their dining experience, and problems are addressed by maintenance
Ensure equipment is in service and ready to serve scheduled guests
Maintain a Godly atmosphere and demeanor
Ensure the cleanliness of Sweet Shop, maintain stock, schedule attendants
Review Sweet Shop sales
Coffee Setup in meeting areas for guests
Ensure the Volunteers have their food and beverage supply weekly
Coordinate with Food Services Manager and/or Head Chef
Any special projects or additional duties assigned by the Food Services Manager

Approve Time sheets for the dining and Sweet Shop payroll
Ensure stock on cleaning supplies and beverages

Tally the volunteers’ (in-house) meals to submit to bookkeeping.
Review monthly budget with Food services Manager

The ideal candidate will have at least a 2-year Associates Degree and/or experience in the food services area. Must be able to demonstrate success or skills with the ability to organize, coordinate schedules and forecast needs. An eye for cleanliness, orderliness and process flow is essential. Must do well in an ebb and flow environment (busy like crazy for a while and then very quiet for a while, working holidays and weekends is normal). The ideal candidate embraces our tenets of Faith as an Evangelical Christian, and is, at the same time, willing to serve guests of varying faith traditions. “ServSafe” certification required (may be obtained after hire). Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) a plus. Higher levels of education a plus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On-site residence (free rent and free utilities) may be available with this position: Accommodations range from single studio apartment to three- or -four-bedroom dwellings, depending on availability.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



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Job Contact:
Shanti Fabiunke
(908) 991-3212

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