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Three hours north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge an incredible drive brings you into in the Mendocino Coastal Zone’s beautiful forests and seascapes. Here we are in Albion/Little River at an older forest camp in need of resurrection. A new board is ready to work with a full-time year-around director (individual or a couple-shared position) to develop and implement a grand redevelopment effort while continuing to serve a handful of mostly long-term client guest groups. There is great beauty and much deferred maintenance. There are loyal friends and great memories. There are low revenues and great potentials. We seek God’s choice for a director with deep faith, high energy, an entrepreneurial mindset and relevant experience/education to lead this ministry. The eventual detailed job description awaits development through your collaboration with us as to our camp’s needs and your particular gifts. For the moment, please see appendix A, below, for some of the more detailed aspects of this position as voiced to date by members and advisers of our governing board. We offer a contract with housing, salary, some benefits and an opportunity to work with an independent non-profit board and highly supportive local church leadership. You would be the only paid staff during the rebuilding phase of the camp, but have some specific board members for consultation and some hands-on volunteer help. You would be intimately involved with us in developing strategy, marketing plans, an evolving job description and expectations regarding the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day as well as the “big picture”. A people person, strong in faith, with the ability to communicate well, recruit and train volunteers and be the public face of the camp are all part of what we’re looking for. If most of this sounds a lot like you, please respond with a resume and brief cover letter to: and
Appendix A: Detailed Job Description
Position: Christian Ministry though Camp Direction, Mendocino Christian Camp, American Youth Services Inc. – also open to a couple job sharing.
Experience required: 5 years in related field
Education required: Bachelor’s Degree in an applicable field: business/human services/humanities or demonstrated equivalent experience
Some significant training and experience in Christian bible, theology and ministry
Employment status: Full time, some flexible hours
Language requirements: English definitely, Spanish helpful

Brief Camp Mission Statement:
The land of the Mendocino Christian Camp was donated and formed into a non-profit corporation for the purposes of stewardship of the land and stewardship of the experiences of all who come. It shall be operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific and educational purposes, insofar as to support and strengthen families, youth and Christian groups and related activities by offering a camping experience and the opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth in an outdoor setting.
MCC will provide for a broad variety of attendees who respect our mission, without preference to color or social standing, and such purpose may include some or all of the following:
Experience in Christian teaching, living, experiences that make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Inviting people to experience and know God’s Creation.
Partnering with other groups to teach and work for peace, health and wholeness of the individual, as well as environmental stewardship of the Earth.
Practicing hospitality, or providing space for others to do so.

Summary of required characteristics of Camp Director:
The candidate is a highly energetic and entrepreneurial leader with a positive attitude and a track record of significant success. They demonstrate good communication skills, both written and verbal. They are good at listening, are solutions oriented, and able to create and execute a plan for any assigned projects. They have the ability to build positive relationships with all stakeholders in order to ensure the longevity and growth of the program at MCC. They have demonstrated a life of faith, in accordance with furthering the gospel message of reconciliation, truth, kindness and walking humbly with God.

Specific Job Description Expectations:
This is a new job for a camp that has been under-resourced. Therefore the job description is somewhat fluid in its emphasis and goals. Over time, the specific duties of the Director will be modified as needed in dialogue with the board with regard to vision/mission, targets, metrics, benchmarks, incentives etc as to performance expectations. Leadership autonomy for the director will grow as expectations are met – close coordination/communication with the board will always be important but the degree of detail at which it is practiced will decrease as a pattern of meeting expectations develops.

The first goal is to (1) improve the physical campus, while (2) developing a public relations face and guest/user base.
Part 1 will include assessing campus work needed, hiring work to be done as necessary, and doing daily and minimally skilled maintenance.
Skills necessary: Knowledge of tools use, and experience with some building, fixing and maintenance. Some knowledge of plumbing, electrical, water systems helpful.

Part 2 Create a public relations campaign, including, but not limited to,
Preparing an audio/visual presentation to take to other locations and groups to promote the use of the camp.
Oversee creation of appealing website with links.
Oversee creation of paper brochure, forms needed, etc.
Skills required: Managing and communicating with others, and knowledge of Power Point or similar computer programs. Ability to travel occasionally, valid CA Driver’s License.
Ongoing work:
Represents the mission, programs and point of view of the Board to agencies, organizations and general public.
Manage Booking Calendar and fees collected.
Create a budget that reflects income/expense for a growing business model.
Receive mail, respond and/or refer to appropriate board member as necessary.
Answer camp phone and respond in a timely manner.
Request/collect money appropriate to reservations. Some banking; eg. Deposits.
Request payments to vendors, tradespeople etc., in a timely manner, working with Board signature.
Keep records (income, expense, reservations and fees) and report to the Board each meeting.
Practice Hospitality: Greet groups that arrive and meet their needs. Check on camp at departures.
Is responsible for facilities to meet safety, service, and security objectives, for all on campus.

Later goals: (assuming the camp physical campus is in order and functioning well):
Develop our own programming in keeping with the mission of the camp (stated by the Board)
Strive for fully occupied camp.
Look for creative ways to steward the land and its use to demonstrate the mission, and to create meaningful experiences.

Qualifications and competencies:
* Demonstrated competence in some relevant forms of Christian ministry – speaking, teaching, counseling, stewardship leadership
*Experience/ability with fundraising: Loan/Grant applications, acquisitions to build resource funds.
*Accepts that quantity of work hours performed in any given week will fluctuate between 10 and 50,
and may include night and weekend hours, but the total average is 40 hours/week. This is a full time position.
* Must be comfortable in outdoor environments, able to lift up to 35 pounds, and participate in camp/ job related activities.
* Oversee operations of a 50 bed camp, including bath, kitchen and lodge facilities.
* Proficiency in computer use and commonly used programs (Word, Excel, Quickbooks, etc), and office organizational skills.
* Proficiency in communication skills, verbal and written, with clarity and comprehension.
* Effective public speaking skills
* Experience in relationships with a variety of other people, including volunteers, and successful networking.
*Ability to think conceptually, has good analytical skills, and demonstrates assertiveness to manage the scope and diversity of responsibilities, and adapts well to handle new issues or changes in organization environment.
*Demonstrated maturity, good judgement, and excellent human relationship skills.

The Camp Director is accountable to the Mendocino Christian Camp Board of Directors. The Director must work and communicate regularly with the members of the board, in regards to ongoing operations, special requests, committee requests, etc. Director must attend board meetings monthly. The Director’s performance will be evaluated every three months for the first year by a representative(s) of the Board, since the job requirements may flux during the first year.

Director must also work collegially with the professional bookkeeper to keep up to date and report as necessary to the board.

An offer of employment is contingent upon Driver’s License check, CPS, criminal background check (fingerprints and FBI screen).

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Camp Director



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