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Maintenance Director

Camp Harvest’s Maintenance Director is responsible for all installation, repair and upkeep operations of the ministry’s facilities, grounds and equipment. The Maintenance Director should also have an aptitude in undertaking administrative tasks such as reporting, budgeting, and personnel management, as well as a solid understanding of plumbing and electrical systems, carpentry, and other skills. The goal is to ensure the camp’s facilities are well cared for and adequate to support the business operations as well as reflect God’s creation.

Job Description:

This position reports to the Camp Director of Camp Harvest and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of camp buildings, grounds, equipment, and retreat houses as well as providing leadership and supervision to seasonal and part-time maintenance staff and volunteers. Interpersonal skills are required for working with clients and developing relationships with vendors and within the community.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Develop and implement a maintenance management system to include written manuals, standard operating procedures, preventative maintenance schedule, inventory control program, checklists and other related functions to repair, upgrade and proactively maintain vehicles, watercraft, equipment, camp buildings and grounds.
• Assist in developing and monitoring the maintenance department’s budget for efficient use of Camp Harvest’s funds.
• Provide input into the development of long range plans, capital projects, and purchases based on the properties’ needs.
• Manage the forest plan and water dam regulations.
• Ensure the property is in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations regarding facilities and grounds.
• Interview potential maintenance hires; supervise and schedule part-time staff.
• Train and supervise seasonal staff and work alongside those using camp equipment.
• Work with Camp Director to organize work weekends and assists in servicing and hosting guest groups.
• Oversee daily checks of buildings, grounds and equipment for safety, cleanliness and good repair.
• Operate necessary equipment to perform daily duties and special projects.
• Perform and provide leadership for seasonal tasks such as plowing and salting, setting up for camp season, summer-related tasks, fall clean-up, etc.
• Diagnose and repair electrical, plumbing, and other trade-related functions.
• Respond to after-hours calls as needed, occasionally with prolonged and irregular hours.
• Some bending, stooping, climbing, heavy lifting, and walking required.
• Any other duties or tasks assigned.
Job Related Characteristics:

• ANALYSIS: The ability to identify and respond to complex situations, relate and compare data from different sources, identify issues, secure information, and identify relationships.
• COMMUNICATIONS: The ability to convey and absorb job-related information.
• DECISION-MAKING: The ability to use logical and sound judgment in choosing a particular course of action after generating prudent alternatives.
• INITIATIVE: The power, ability, or instinct to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task.
• INNOVATION: The act of starting or introducing original concepts or creative ways to achieve goals.
• JUDGMENT: The ability to make a decision or form an opinion by discerning and evaluating information.
• PLANNING AND ORGANIZING: Arranging events and projects in an efficient, orderly manner.
• WORK STANDARDS: The various expectations placed upon individuals and the organization to ensure highest productivity.

Immediate Start Date
Vacation/Holiday Pay, Insurance and Retirement benefits

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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



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Job Contact:
Landon MacDonald
(847) 398-7005 ext. 3112

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Why work at Camp Harvest:

Camp Harvest is a year-round facility in the picturesque North Woods of Michigan, owned and operated by Harvest Bible Chapel. Nestled in 650 acres on lakefront property, it is a special place for those who are hungry to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

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(847) 398-7005 ext. 3112

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