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Program Coordinator - Single Female

Serve as Coordinator and contact person assigned PVBC Sponsored Events and Programs
1. Serve under the leadership of the PVBC Program & Ministry Director, while directly reporting to the Sr. Program Coordinator.
2. Serve as Event Coordinator for assigned events and programs.
3. Serve as “Dean of Summer Staff” for all female summer staff (in conjunction with a counterpart of the opposite gender). This involves the role of mentor, small group coordinator, staff correction, and discipleship advisory for summer staff, the Ascent campers, and the Apprenticeship program during the non-summer season.
4. Ensure the development of schedules and their submission to the front office for sponsored events.
5. Be first point of contact for Outback and Science camp groups for arranging logistics.
Responsibilities within PVBC Ministries Team
1. Serve on the hiring team for PVBC seasonal staff.
2. Assist in the planning and preparation for PVBC program events.
3. Serve as a creative resource for events.
4. Possess the basic ability to add to PVBC publications, develop flyers, add written web contact and generate written correspondence.
5. Assist in the curriculum development and program implementation for PVBC sponsored programs, Outback, and Noble Science & Outdoor Adventure

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 10/11/2018 8:25:17 PM

Job Contact:
Caren Martin
(619) 473-8879

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Why work at Pine Valley Bible Conference:

PVBC has a rich history of Christ centered camping spanning 71 years. Our Staff form the core of Christ-centered ministry here orchestrating defining moments that change lives. Make a difference!

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(619) 473-8879

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