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Group Camp Administrative Intern

Title: Group Camp Administrative Intern


Group Camp at Camp Eagle is our summer program that serves youth groups over 11 sessions throughout the summer. Group camp focuses on providing staff, programing, curriculum and scheduling for their camp so that youth pastors and sponsors can focus on relationships/ intentionality with their students. Group camp ministers to over 5000 campers and 130 youth groups a summer and provides a team of 70 college aged students to help with this task. We are looking for someone who is administratively gifted to join our team and use their gifts and abilities to inspire Christ like change to 5000 campers this summer.

REPORTS TO: Dave Grinsell

JOB PURPOSE: To fulfill our mission by assisting Director of group camp in the specific areas of registration, customer service, female discipleship, recruiting, and marketing.

Primarily responsible for group camp registration, customer service, and summer staff retention. As the group camp admin intern your role will also include, but is not limited to: assisting the Admin team during peak seasons, planning trips, setting up meetings, marketing, recruiting, preparing trainings, helping refine registration system and help coordinate on-site recruiting/marketing efforts.
- Help coordinate and disciple our 30+ female summer staff.
- Organize housing charts/ assignments for our 460 campers a session.
- Make sure all 460 guests a summer are checked in and all have waivers/ health forms signed.
- Interview/ hire summer staff females.
- Making sure our groups have balances paid, contracts signed and have completed our ministry safe program.
- Answering questions from parents/ youth pastor about registration and how to use Salesforce.
- Dealing with other administrative tasks given by Group Camp Director.


Camp Eagle operates year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff will participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.


The “ideal” candidate will have:
Bachelor’s degree or 1-2 years working in the camping industry.
1-2 years experience in administrative work.
Proficient in learning new computer systems, data entry, and organization of data gathered from trips.
Willingness to perform routine tasks regularly and on time, with deadlines weekly and monthly for most tasks.
Enjoys one-on-one conversation, but is comfortable in speaking to peer groups.
Servant Hearted.

WORK CONTEXT: This job will be performed primarily on Camp Eagle’s main campus.

TRAVEL: Will travel some for job-related duties.

Will consistently work indoors, but occasionally be asked to fill in throughout camp, including outdoors in unfavorable weather conditions.
Compensation: Salary, On-site housing, Medical insurance, 401(k) Retirement package after one year.

DISCLAIMER: This Job Description is not a complete reflection of all that this job will require of you. Please be aware that a “one team” mindset is crucial for this position; often all hands will be called on deck and you will be asked to serve long days with a gracious attitude towards staff and guests.

Time:  Internship
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant



Updated: 1/10/2019 10:11:05 AM

Job Contact:
Dave Grinsell
(830) 683-3219

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