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Program Director


1. Involvement in the total camp program as the "Key" leadership person functioning with a
willingness to assist in all areas as needed, campfire programs, chapel, meal times, canteen, children with problems,
Health Unit, etc.

2. Promote observance of spiritual emphasis program affecting campers and staff.

3. Conduct, attend and generally contribute appropriately in staff meetings.

4. Responsible for sharing with Summer Camp Director all matters of mutual concern relating to the overall
the wellbeing of the camp.

5. Direct supervision of the Counseling Staff/Unit Coordinators/Christian Ed & Craft Specialist as well as other programming staff, with functional relationship to the administrative staff of the camp.

6. Assist in the organization of camp living; including housekeeping, activities, and programs.

7. Function as the individual responsible for the supervision of personnel living in the Cabins
rendering immediate "Crisis" supervision with follow - up reporting to the appropriate supervisor.

8. Responsible for health and safety conditions in the unit - reporting accidents, incidents, maintenance problems promptly.

9. Serve as a resource for program skills and share a specific skill as needed. Guidance supervision
to all general program areas with a functional, consultative relationship to Summer Camp Director.

10. Cooperate in the coordination of all cabin plans and all camp activities.

11. Responsible to observe set curfew.

Your responsibilities will also include, but not be limited to the following:

1. Share responsibility for total camp welfare and the implementation of objectives and policies.

2. Share the responsibility to promote the camp spiritual emphasis, designing, in cooperation with
the Summer Camp Director and the Christian Education Specialist, daily devotions, cabin devotions, evening programs, and follow-up with Corps or churches.

3. Be involved in the whole of camp program and serve wherever needed, (i.e., difficult children, staff
discipline, staff supervision, etc....)

4. Consult with Summer Camp Director relative to suggestions for program, improvements and general camp experience.

5. Coordinate program. This includes but is not limited to training program specialists, designing
program schedule, making sure lesson plans are written and followed, oversee Evening
Program design and implementation.

6. Supervise program specialists as assigned. This includes scheduling assignments,
evaluating staff, assessing the effectiveness of each activity area, making necessary
adjustments. This also will include dealing with difficult staff issues and in cooperation with
the Summer Camp Director carrying out any staff discipline.

7. Assist counselors and other staff in understanding the group process - program planning.

8. Plan with staff and campers for all camp programs – including clubs, evening activities, etc. Distribute a weekly schedule (special themes, etc)

9. Be available for consultation – with Leadership staff, Program Specialists and counselors.

10. Assign housing of all Counseling Staff, in cooperation with the Summer Camp Director.

11. Share responsibility for routine chores between periods as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.

12. Keep program records and all statistical information relative to the program area.

13. Make periodic evaluations and reports and prepare a brief at the close of camp as assigned.

14. Flag Raising Procedures during counselor prayer time.

15. Scheduling of Free Time assignments.

16. Support Morning Chapels.

17. Conduct staff devotions when requested.

18. Organize daily schedule/programming (cabin projects, free time activities)

19. Lead staff meetings before the beginning of each session – covering the successes and
challenges of the previous session and what changes need to occur.

20. Communicate with parents and/or Corps Officers when necessary.

21. Ensure that all aspects of the camp program are operated according to the standards and
regulations of the ACA, Salvation Army, Chesterfield Insurance, and the State of Arizona.

22. Be responsible for the proper, safe care and use of all camp property.

23. Maintain a high level of cleanliness in personal living space.

24. Participate in first and last day assignments as directed/scheduled.

25. Assist with lock-up/curfew procedures and enforcement.

26. Break day supervision on rotation.

27. Be responsible for all health, cleanliness, good habits, welfare, and happiness of all campers.

28. Report matters of concern immediately to the Summer Camp Director.

29. Other duties as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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