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Male Counselor

Work at Camp! Share Jesus, have fun, get paid! This is a great opportunity to spend the summer making a difference in a child's life and to make a difference in your own life as well. We provide staff opportunities to see Arizona - The Grand Canyon, Sedona, and more. It will be a great summer for everyone!

In this position, your primary focus is to build relationships with kids. You are responsible for the campers in your cabin and will set the pace for each day. As a counselor, you will sleep, eat and attend all activities with your cabin. You will also lead Bible lessons and small groups during the day and encourage the spiritual development of each camper in your cabin. To do this job, we prefer that you
are at least 16 years of age, enjoy and have experience working with children and can effectively provide an environment for children that is physically and emotionally safe and spiritually challenging.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Counseling



Updated: 11/17/2023 5:24:38 PM

Job Contact:
Anderson Schmig
(928) 535-5082

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Why work at Camp Ponderosa Ranch:

If you are looking to challenge your faith, develop a deeper understanding of faith and create lifelongs friendships Camp Ponderosa is the place for you.

3201 Forest Service 504
    Heber, AZ 85928

(928) 535-5082

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