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Mountaineer/Low ropes Intern

We have an amazing opportunity as a mountaineer/low ropes intern. The intern will be the lead and facilitate rock climbing, rappelling, low ropes, guided hike and will assist our maintenance team as well. We are targeting college students and recent college graduates.

Here is an overview of the internship description:

Major Goal:
To advance the purpose of Bear Trap Ranch, this intern will serve in a leadership role as recreation staff in the areas of rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, low ropes facilitation, family camp programming, camp maintenance and hospitality with Christian ethics and integrity.

Our Goals
1. Encourage students or recent graduates to explore their gifts, potential career interests, and God's call in their lives in a camp ministry setting.
2. Provide a setting with a steady stream of fresh young ideas, biblical perspectives, enthusiasm, with cultural and racial diversity.
3. Allow interns to observe the fundamentals of good leadership in action.
4. Provide a safe place for interns to lead recreation activities.
5. Allow students to gain an understanding of how a variety of activities are directed.
6. Provide interns with an opportunity to develop professional behavior.
7. Allow student to gain practical insight and understanding into a variety of camp operations.

• We believe that students can and should have a strategic role in the ministry.
• We believe in the importance of a retreat setting that contributes to spiritual growth.
• We believe that serving others is a high calling.
• We believe in the integration of faith, work and witness and we seek to develop this in students.
• We believe that we should pursue excellence in all we do.

Training conscious and strategic. It occurs in several ways:
1. Working with an experienced staff member in some camp department.
2. Observation, tutoring and teaching by senior camp staff.
3. Being given responsibility in areas of the camp operation.
4. Modeling by leadership and servanthood from other camp staff.
5. Using "stretching" situations designed to move interns out of their comfort zones.
6. Give interns un ique opportunities to have experiences that fit with their interests and gifts.

Community is an important part of being a team and therefore a significant element of an internship. We meet during the week for spiritual growth activities (Bible studies, book studies, worship, morning devotions). Social activities are both spontaneous and planned, and while most happen in camp (and involve ice cream in one way or another), others are held out of camp. Off campus activities often include events such as whitewater rafting, camping, road trips in Colorado, town trips or visiting Colorado State Parks.

Length of Time
1. Summer Option: Mid-May through Mid-August
2. Spring – Fall Option: March – Mid-November

• Monthly stipend
• Lodging, Food, Utilities
• 25% discount in our Gift Shop

Time:  Internship
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Support Staff / Intern



Updated: 5/3/2019 3:30:18 PM

Job Contact:
Keith Roy
(719) 632-0740

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Why work at Bear Trap Ranch:

Bear Trap Ranch is a sacred 30-acre property located in Colorado Springs, CO that has served God's Kingdom for over 60 years. Bear Trap Ranch, a high forested valley in the Pike National Forest, is a place of wonder, beauty, peacefulness and adventure with a deep sense of home.

8655 Old Stage Rd
    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

(719) 632-0740

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