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Maintenance Manager

Position Title: Maintenance Manager

Reports To: Director of Facilities Operations & Projects

Works Closely With: Maintenance Technician, Pine Valley staff, Volunteers

Personal Characteristics:
• Must be a Born-Again Christian who’s personal beliefs are parallel with the PVBC statement of faith, (attached), and who will aspire continually to growth in faith, maturity, and selfless service as a reflection of the Person and character of Jesus Christ.
• This position requires a person who is committed to a service ministry and is willing to work unusual hours at times to fulfill the needs of our guests and/or staff team. “Service Ministry” requires a servant’s heart and a willing spirit which are essential elements of a SERVICE CULTURE. This is the means by which we fulfill the overall mission of PVBC which is to provide an environment where the presence of God is invited into the experience of every guest. The staff role in what God may want to accomplish in the experience of our guests is to reflect His love and His sacrifice through heart attitude, countenance, and an excellent standard of service.
• Personal priorities will reflect those of Jesus Christ, i.e. God – People – Task, in this order.
• This staff position is part of a community of co-workers and fellow believers who live on the conference grounds requiring a deep commitment to the spiritual health and mission of the community. This dynamic requires a higher level of team contribution and selflessness than normal work environments, setting aside the fierce independence of the culture around us.
• This candidate will be a trusted professional who will manage and execute mission critical processes requiring a high level of integrity, character, and sound personal judgment. Personal image and character count, and are attributed to PVBC in the minds of our constituency.

Professional Qualifications:
• Candidate should have direct experience in facilities management including supervisory experience with grounds, buildings, support/utility systems, equipment, and vehicles.
• Technical understanding of plant and equipment with the ability to diagnose and repair.
• Should possess or have the aptitude to acquire all necessary licenses and/or certifications required to lead in technical areas or perform compliance related tasks.
• Experience with service or ministry related work processes with a strong ability to organize, prioritize and mobilize people to complete tasks.
• Should possess a high level of collaborative skills with other professional ministry disciplines such as finance, ministry programming, and guest services with the ability to see the big picture.
• The ability to use computer applications to enhance productivity and reporting.
• Excellent communicator and coordinator who can work successfully in a team environment.
• Candidate should be an excellent planner and implementer who can originate an operations calendar and manage to a schedule.

Management Level Expectations

Jobs designated at the Manager level will lead key operational areas at PVBC, will report directly to the Operational Director level, and are expected to take full responsibility to own and drive the requirements of their operational area. This requires a thorough understanding of the scope of responsibility and Manager’s authority. Expectations of a Manager are as follows:

A. To be a person of high moral character who is growing in their faith and is walking daily in the fruit of the Spirit. One who is growing in personal discipline, capability, and the ability to manage personal capacity; able to set a high standard for direct reports to follow in both Spiritual and work dimensions.
B. To be a leader dedicated to the PVBC Purpose and Mission (attached) setting high personal expectations in alignment with the same.
C. To both manage and develop department under supervision, embracing God driven change with enthusiasm and the will to succeed.
D. To be a tenacious problem solver with the will to prevail.
E. To innovate towards a constantly improving service level.
F. To own and drive all key responsibilities and initiatives of your department which include establishing priorities, planning, setting calendars, schedules, timelines, deadlines, establishing processes, driving implementation, and coordinating with other leaders, staff, and departments.
G. To lead, not just supervise employees and or co-workers, with a commitment to building an increasing level of competence and leadership in each individual. Schedule and direct employee and/or volunteer work efforts toward priorities and work roles consistent with your departmental operating plan.
H. To maintain a personal work schedule that optimizes your role as a key team leader and is in the best interest of the ministry operation considering many others depend on you.
I. Hours worked must be flexible and have some direct correlation to our guest schedule which often means working on weekends and holidays.
J. To cooperate and coordinate as a team player committed to a team effort that has impact beyond your department.
K. To know your “industry”, draw upon best practices, and build from a constantly growing source of professional resource to stay on the cutting edge of service development.
L. To be an excellent communicator, accessible to the PVBC Operations Team, armed with a radio and cell phone to facilitate guest services and teamwork.


Overview: This position as designated as “management” will in every aspect imply
working management as opposed to a simply supervisory role. As a relatively small organization, all management is expected to be in “the trench”
working with the people they supervise.

1. Draft and execute a proactive maintenance plan for all PVBC Assets including buildings,
grounds, equipment, infrastructure systems *, and vehicles. Execute plan and work with
subordinates and co-workers, building, equipping, advising, and demonstrating where needed.

* Infrastructure Systems would include water system, telephone system, septic systems, electrical
systems, plumbing systems, utilities, and roadways.

2. Warehouse and all maintenance areas to be organized and maintained in order to promote
operational integrity and reflect the excellent and orderly nature of our God. This is a joint
venture between Maintenance and Projects which will be owned under the Director of
Facilities Operations & Projects.

3. Be able to operate both large and small equipment related to the broad range of Maintenance
and project work; i.e Tractors, chain saws, lawn mowers, blowers, skip loaders, and many others.

4. Must be able to lift 60 lbs and be able to work outside in various weather conditions such as hot
and cold temperatures, rain, snow, high winds, and dust.

5. Make sure credentials are secured for maintenance staff where needed.

6. Promote volunteer relationships and a staff mindset that invites volunteer assistance across the
board. Coordinate with all Operational Directors to define and lead work projects with groups.
Work with volunteer group leaders that are not project related to assist with maintenance and/or

7. Work with the Director of Facilities Operations & Projects to prepare and submit the annual
FOP budget.

8. Work with the Director of PVBC Ministries and the Recreation Manager, taking an advisory
role in the maintenance of Recreational equipment and areas.

9. Provide Spiritual Leadership and encouragement to maintenance staff, cultivating a deep sense
of contribution and purpose associated with our mission.

10. Operate regularly as a Risk Manager cultivating a “critical eye” towards situations or conditions
that might pose risk of injury to guests and staff.

11. Develop and adhere to a “Prioritization Grid” through which you will manage the prioritization
of work to include Safety to Guests and Staff, Compliance, Guest impact, and Purpose/Mission
of PVBC.

12. Cultivate and work through a Guest Services, Guest Ready, and Guest Experience lense with the
understanding that we are here to serve our groups and the individuals involved, facilitating their
events and purposes in the name of Jesus Christ.

13. Must demonstrate functional agility in the following areas:
A. Able to lift 60 lbs
B. Able to work on your knees
C. Able to work from step and extension ladders
D. Able to crawl in attics and under buildings
E. Able to work with cement including mixing, seceding, and finishing
F. Able to dig ditches and do raking
G. Able to operate a Jack Hammer
H. Able to work on roofs on and two stories high
I. Possess the strength and stamina to cut and split firewood
J. Able to work in varying weather conditions - rain, hot, cold, humid, dry, etc.
K. Able to work in outside during seasons of dry dust and pollen

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 9/30/2018 12:51:10 PM

Job Contact:
James Johnson
(619) 473-8879

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