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Adventure Education Graduate Assistantship

Adventure Education Specialist
Graduate Assistantship Description

Adventure Education Work Supervisor: Adventure Education Manager

Graduate Assistantship Process Supervisor: Staff Development Coordinator

Responsible for: Supporting NLR’s mission, upholding the core values, and contributing to NLR’s strategic vision through delivery of Adventure Education (AE) programs at NLR.

The Adventure Education Specialist (AES) is responsible for delivery of AE programs for school groups at NLR, equipment purchase and care, proposing new activities, staff recruitment, training and supervision, program planning and evaluation, and coordination with other NLR departments. In addition, the AES will contribute to AE strategic planning, budgeting and contribute to new group recruitment.

Supervises: Seasonal and hourly AE instructors.

Position Features:
The opportunity to experience the full breadth and depth of a program area of responsibility, including its marketing, budgeting, staff recruitment, training and assessment, as well as training incoming AES's in the role.

Training meeting the Association of Challenge Course Technology level 1 practitioner certification requirements.

Two school years and up to three summers of ministry and learning. School years will focus on supervising and developing the adventure guide team in designing, marketing, delivering, and evaluating outdoor education and adventure programs for day and overnight experiences for elementary, middle school, high school, and college groups. Along with assisting the AE manager and coordinator in recruiting AE staff for the next year and strategic planning for future AE seasons.
Summers will focus on communicating with and equipping the adventure guide team for the next year, extended time off, and planning staff training for the coming Fall season.
30 - 40 work hours per week during the winter and summer, plus extended time off (November-February, June - mid-August), approximately 40 - 50 work hours per week during the spring and fall (March-May, mid-August-October) Work hours will be flexible to fit around graduate coursework schedules.

Live in community in a house with fellow same gender GAs and apprentices. GA’s should expect to share a house with 3 - 5 people.

A GA stipend of $1,000 per month, plus the opportunity to raise personal missionary support through tax-deductible donations of supporters. In addition, GA’s will receive on-site community housing and all meals served while groups are being served (approximately 50% of meals per year).

15 minutes from John Brown University’s library, and general patron access for $10 per year.

Specific Work Responsibilities:
- Plan, prepare for, and lead life-changing activities that fulfill NLR’s mission, are in line with the Core Values, and realize the vision of launching Christlike leaders.
- Be an encouraging and contributing member of the NLR community. Use words and actions to help equip co-workers for ministry. Live a life marked by service to others.
- Be committed to the Christian faith. Invest time in personal spiritual growth.
- Attend staff gatherings as much as program needs allow, and provide Adventure
Guide team with specific updates as needed.
- Meet regularly with the Adventure Education Manager.
- Assist Adventure Ed. Coordinator and Manager in setting and maintaining the annual budget for the Adventure Education department.
- Be a leader in advocating for and managing diligent risk management protocols.
- When possible, be open and available to assist in other areas of ministry at NLR.
- Seek out a mentor and meet with them monthly.
- Assist in ongoing evaluation and design of AE curriculum and activities.
- Supervise the Adventure Guide team. This is the largest piece of the AE GA role.

Supervisory responsibilities are as follows:
- Actively supervise and support the adventure guide team. This includes regular team and one on one meetings, leading annual evaluations, and revisiting employees’ personal, spiritual, and professional goals regularly throughout the year.
- Ensure that a high quality hourly/seasonal staff pool is hired, trained, evaluated, and well-supervised.
- Develop a strategy to challenge and equip direct reports vocationally, emotionally, and spiritually.
- Take the lead in planning and delivering adventure guide staff trainings.
- Assign work projects to adventure guides and provide regular follow up throughout the duration of the projects.
- Assign and oversee adventure guide work schedules. Assign staff to all AE school schedules. During November - March assign guides to support other departments (Retreats, Community Ministries, Flint and Steel Race, etc)
- Specific Graduate Assistantship Expectations:

Personal Development:
- Participate in a regular performance evaluation.
- Participate in goal setting each year.
- Participate in a monthly cohort meeting.
- Maintain good standing, including sufficient grades, in your graduate degree program.
- Communicate schedule needs (days needed for special projects or travel) related to coursework at least one month ahead of time to the Staff Development Manager and the Adventure Education Manager.

Education, experience, and requirements: The NLR AES should be a college graduate, be enrolled in a graduate program with a current partnership with NLR. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience in camp leadership, activity instruction and facilitation, curriculum development, or other experiences deemed necessary by the Staff Development Coordinator. They should be willing to acquire training or certifications in CPR, First Aid, ACCT Level 1 Challenge Course Instructor, and/or other helpful areas.

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Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Outdoor Education



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Job Contact:
Bethany Cook
(918) 422-5506

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