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Camp Counselor

Job Purpose:

• A Counselor is a role model for youth and provides a safe and positive environment for campers to engage in community, experience God in the outdoors, learn how to live out their faith and be empowered to learn and try new challenges.

• During activity sessions, the role of lifeguard is to maintain a safe waterfront and to help supervise/teach the camp’s pool and beachfront activities, including swim instruction, free swim, sailing, canoeing and other activities in accordance with the Department of Health, Red Cross and ACA guidelines and to ensure adherence to the camp’s Safety Plan.

• Reports to Unit Leader and Waterfront Director.
• Live in a cabin with a group of 10 campers and, along with a co-counselor, supervise major aspects of the camper’s day, as directed by the Unit Leader: morning wake-up, meals, rest hour, cabin clean-up, activity schedule, Christian Formation programming, evening program, after-hours activity (sleep).
• Carry out established roles for supervising campers’ health. Enforce camp safety regulations and instruct campers in emergency procedures such as fire drills, cabin evacuation, etc.
• Attend the 2 week staff training period prior to the start of the summer, and as directed, all staff meetings and in-service staff training. Staff are responsible for all the information covered in staff training and meetings, including any material they have missed due to an excused absence.
• In keeping with the Community Covenant Policies, counselors are expected to maintain a positive, safe, nurturing environment, free of bullying and free of all inappropriate physical contact. Counselors must report all unsafe situations and events as well as all interventions to the Unit Leader.
• Teach or assist in a waterfront program activity, as assigned by the Unit Leader or Program Director.
• Assist in setting up the pool and beachfront area during staff training.
• Maintain the “buddy system” at all times at the pool and beach. Train campers and staff in the use of the buddy board. Check equipment and make repairs.
• Write lesson plans to foster participants’ aquatic skills.
• Follow guidelines for swim and boating instruction as directed by the Waterfront Director. Set a goal that every camper will progress one skill level while at camp.
• Help conduct swim tests and boating tests as needed.
• Attend in-service trainings such as drills in backboard rescues, lost bather and capsize recovery.
• Assist in packing all waterfront materials and supplies at the end of the season.
• Teach and enforce the Camp DeWolfe Pool and Waterfront Rules.
• Guide the cabin groups and individual campers in participating successfully in all aspects of camp activity and help each camper adjust and grow in the daily living with campers and camp life. Recognize and respond appropriately to inter-personal problems within the group. To maintain good community and safety, counselors are expected to supervise as integral and participating members of each activity group, i.e sit within the circle and do not stand/sit back, higher up, or out of action area of the circle.
• Set a good example for campers and others including appropriate language and dress, personality cleanliness, punctuality, the sharing of clean-up and other chores, compliance with the ban of use of tobacco products, alcohol and drugs, and display of good sportsmanship and proper table manners.
• Teach the camp rules to each new session of campers and help enforce them.
• Encourage a positive spirit within the cabin and participate along with their campers in group events and program activities, as appropriate, and in singing camp songs.
• Encourage respect for all other persons, the personal property of others, all camp property, equipment and facilities. Promote good public relations with campers’ parents and visitors.
• As a member of a Christian community, participate with enthusiasm in chapel, grace and other group worship. Lead campers in nightly devotions held in the cabins. Participate in weekly prayer groups for staff members.
• Any additional duties or tasks, going above and beyond to make sure campers’ have a safe and positive experience at Camp DeWolfe.

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Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Counseling



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Job Contact:
Matthew Tees

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Why work at Camp DeWolfe:

Camp DeWolfe is situated on the North Shore of Long Island NY with a private beach access to the Long Island Sound. For over 65 years youth from across Long Island and then NYC are have come to Camp DeWolfe as a place to experience God's love through community, nature and experiential education.

408 North Side Road
    Wading River, NY 11792


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