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Welcome to Denton Wesleyan Camp

424 E Wesley Circle
Denton, Maryland 21629

A place to refresh the soul, renew the mind and ready believers for Christian service.

Find us on the web at, or call us at (410) 479-3361


Our Mission (why we exist)

- Refresh. Renew. Ready.–
Denton Wesleyan Camp provides opportunities to REFRESH the soul, RENEW the mind, and READY believers for Christian service.



The types of camps we operate include:

Resident Camp

Programming We Offer:

Families (together in one program)
Families (separated by age)

While you’re here, you may want to take advantage of the following activities we offer:

Soccer Field
Baseball/Softball Field
Basketball Court
Fishing Area

Interested in renting our facilities? We are happy to rent our facilities to the following groups/types:

Children's Groups
Youth Groups
Single Adults
Married Couples
Families (in one unit)

These are the types of accommodations we offer:

Tent Sites
RV Sites

Kitchen Facilities Use

Rental groups may use kitchen facilities

We are set up to handle the following group sizes in the various seasons:

During the summer, we can take care of up to 300 guests. In the spring, we can accommodate 300 guests. Our winter capacity is 142. Finally, in fall, we have enough room for 300 guests.

Contact Us

To contact us, please email us at

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