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“I did not attend as a child, but have served on staff for girls for 29 years. My youngest daughter accepted Christ as her Savior during campfire one night her first year at camp (age 7). That's why I continue to serve at camp! It makes a difference.”

- Lynnette


Interested in working at a Christian faith-based camp, conference center, or retreat center for the summer or full-time? Read the opportunities CCCA members have posted, and/or complete a personal profile that can be viewed by decision makers at CCCA member organizations.

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Review a List of Current Opennings

Review a List of Current Openings

Check out the seasonal or career opportunities that CCCA members have recently posted. If something interests you, follow the directions given to contact the camp or conference. Be sure to check back from time to time, as old postings are erased and new ones are added on a regular basis. To get your name and qualifications in front of employment decision makers, consider posting your résumé online. Click below on either Summer Job or Career Position to post your résumé today.

Apply for a Summer Job

Apply for a Summer Job

If you're a student or a teacher, or if your job has summers off, why not invest in the lives of young people or families to make an eternal difference? Register your particular skills and desired area of involvement FREE of charge. Interested camps and conference centers will contact you by e-mail.

Apply for a Career Position

Apply for a Career Position

Maybe it's time to pursue that ministry calling you've felt, or to make a change from your current position. CCCA's extensive resources are your best link to new opportunities in the field of Christian camping. For as little as $49, you can get your skills and experience in front of hundreds of CCCA member camps and conference centers. 

This is where you can place an advertisement for your open position in CCCA's semi-monthly e-mail newsletter, Thursday Mail. Details | Read a sample issue of TM Classifieds

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