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“I went to summer camp and was saved at age 9. I was from a large family and we could not afford summer camp so it was really a God-thing when a Christian woman sponsored me! Later, my children attended camp yearly. It had a great impact on their lives.”

- Mary


CCCA offers the following exceptional programs for Christian camp and conference professionals looking to receive training, network with those in the industry, and grow in their ministries.

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Cairn Series® Professional Training
Links for Course 101: Spiritual Foundation

Here is a repository of links to resources supplemental to the library and bibliography sections of Course 101: Spiritual Foundation. It is by no means meant to be either comprehensive or limited in scope, nor thorough or restricted in content. This list encompasses various sources, both secular and Christian (from evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox perspectives), and covers a wide range of subject material. Some links appear in more than one category because of the broad scope of their content (e.g., Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History appears in Church History and Literature). CCCA's Cairn Series® Professional Training program does not necessarily endorse any or all content of the links.If you’re leading a group through this course, you may want to download a helpful facilitator’s guide.

Christian belief as compared to atheism, skepticism, and other philosophies; reasons to believe in the Christian faith

Scripture resources, online Bibles, Bible history, and Bible study material Church History
See History belowChurches
History and beliefs of various communions and denominations of Christian expression
  • American Denominations – A thorough overview of a number of Christian churches in the United States, compiled by the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) North American Mission Board (NAMB)
  • Denominations Directory – A list of denominations and church affiliations in English-speaking countries
Comparative Religion
History and beliefs of various major faiths compared to Christianity Cults and the Occult
Examining why various schisms look Christian, but really aren't
  • American Family Foundation's Cultic Studies Journal
  • Cults and Sects – A thorough overview of U.S. cults, with particular attention to Mormonism, compiled by the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) North American Mission Board (NAMB)
  • Other Resources – Overview of occult beliefs as compared to orthodox Christian faith, compiled by the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) North American Mission Board (NAMB)
  • Watchman Fellowship's Index of Cults and Religions – A comprehensive encyclopedia of cults, world religions and religious terminology
Encyclopedia reference sites
  • The Ecole Initiative – Creating a hypertext encyclopedia of early church history on the worldwide web
  • – A good web encyclopedia for general knowledge
  • New Advent – Catholic Encyclopedia
  • WebBible – Bible facts and definitions from ChristianAnswers.Net
Information about major people and events that have shaped today's church
Church History
General Church Fathers Ecumenical Councils
  • The Counsels of Christ – Stanley S. Harakas writes on the importance of the 7 Ecumenical Councils for Christian History magazine
The Division of East and West The Western Church's Reformation Counter-Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church
World History
  • HyperHistory Online – More than 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history, categorized by people, events, maps, and much more
Literature (Christian Classics)
A general collection of works considered to be classics of Christian literature Parachurch
Ministries and organizations intended to assist the church in her calling
  • Parachurch Organizations – Author Jeffrey K. Hadden's addresses on religious broadcasting have broader application to parachurch ministries (University of Virginia Library)
  • Why Parachurch Leaders Must Meet The Same Biblical Standards As Church Leaders (Note: this links to a downloadable PDF file) – Darrel W. Cox explains in this dissertation for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School the definition, relationship to the church, distinguishing marks, similarities, and distinctives of parachurch leaders compared to church leaders (The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood)
Explanations of various theological perspectives