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Staff Kid COunselor

RESPONSIBLE TO: Support Staff Team Leader

RESPONSIBILITY: Primarily responsible for the Support Staff Supervisor's (SSS) three girls, 7yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs, and help with the Director's boy, 1 year. Also occasionally responsible for a few other children of staff as necessary. The SKC will live in the cabin's loft with one of the families living in the cabin. If this position is filled by a couple, they could live in the back studio while the family lives in the front studio/loft.

Must be 18 years or older
Must have experience working with children
Must have emotional and spiritual maturity
Must agree with Spiritual Standard and Statement of Faith

Lead the staff kids in proactive, planned, positive, educational activities either as part of a camp-scheduled activity or on your own. These will likely include taking part in camp activities the staff kids can do, such as hiking, swimming, nature exploration, fishing, music, games and crafts. During the activities, a counselor (or more than one) will lead/assist the activity. The SKC would be fully responsible for the staff kids, leaving the counselors entirely free to take care of the campers.
Know the location of all staff kids at all times while they are under SKC's care.
Ensure the staff kids have minimal impact on the campers' experience.
Ensure the safety of all staff kids, to include ensuring non-swimmers wear PFDs when doing activities anywhere close to the water. Also will involve making wise decisions on what activities to do when and when to stop and move on to something/somewhere else.
Focus on the staff kids during the time you are responsible for them; i.e. do not socialize with other staff as this restricts yours and the staff's responsibilities.
Provide a "Bible Exploration" for one of the morning activities, to include reading a Bible story, coloring, acting, crafts or other activity that supports the story. (Parents can help with ideas.)
Care for 2 year olds and younger: May include carrying them in a backpack or pushing them in a stroller. Will include changing them as necessary.
Continue the level of discipline to which the kids are accustomed at home.

Four mornings/week starting at 7am (6:45 am on days the parents go to morning Bible Study*
After breakfast until lunch (9:00-1200) Sunday-Friday
After lunch (12:45) until 5:30 Sunday-Friday
From dinner until bedtime Sunday-Friday, SKC is free to take part in available camp activities
Saturdays from 12noon until Sunday 10am are "off"

*Staff Bible study is at 7:00. The parents may attend all, some or none of these studies. The SKC would attend any the parents do not, since only one person needs to be with the kids.

$1600 for the season for the dates above. Room and board (three meals/day).

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Counseling



Updated: 4/18/2017 1:28:12 PM

Job Contact:
Megan Maiello
(518) 654-6262

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Why work at Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks:

Our staff are people who love God, love camp, and love teaching campers. Our staff forms a strong, committed team with a single focus: a safe summer filled with learning, fun, and spiritual growth. ďIíve been thinking a lot about how camp is such an amazing experience. Like, Iíve learned more about myself and my faith than I ever could have imagined. Iíve interacted with girls on such a deep level and had the opportunity, not only to help them grow, but share in this growth. Sometimes I just think how cool that is, and I get so excited!! I get to share in so many campersí spiritual growth, and that personal interaction really canít be achieved anywhere else. I donít know if that makes sense? I just have appreciated this experience so much.Ē -Kayla Kroning, Cedarbrook Staff Member

59 Davignon Road
    Corinth, NY 12822

(518) 654-6262

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