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Facilities Lead

The Facilities Lead position is responsible for the ongoing upkeep of the camp grounds and buildings as well as acting as primary project leader on camp improvements and other development projects.

We are looking for someone with a heart for camps, kids, and Christian ministry with the specific skills and passion for maintenance, construction, repair, and improvement.

We utilize volunteers as much as we can and this position requires the ability to work with and lead teams of people in various projects. Our camp staff is also a family and we are looking for someone who is able to work well with others in a friendly and professional manner.

This is a Salaried, Full Time, Paid position with housing provided on campus.

Job Description

Job Purpose:
Provides direct supervision, planning, and execution of all repairs and maintenance to the camp facility. Ensures that all buildings and systems are working properly and meet with all county building, health, and regulatory codes and policies. Helps make camp a great experience for all guests through prompt service and a positive attitude during all camps and rentals.

Essential Functions:
1. Oversee the ongoing scheduling and execution of maintenance of the facilities, grounds, and systems.
—> Perform upkeep and basic repairs on vehicles and equipment and ensure their working order
—> Perform essential maintenance for all major systems (electrical, structural, sewer, gas, and water)
—> Perform general preventative maintenance on windows, doors, and other building fixtures
—> Ensure that all facilities have a pleasant and orderly appearance (painted, working properly, no rodent or other infestations, etc.)

2. Provide assistance to ongoing facility needs of camp programs and guest rentals including stopped up toilets, water leaks, malfunctioning facilities or equipment as needed.

3. Recommend improvements, fixes, or changes to existing facilities to the Executive Director in response to the needs of campers and guests.
—> As projects are developed, planned, and approved act as point person and project leader for the overall plan for implementation and execution of projects. This may include researching equipment, purchasing supplies, scheduling installation or construction dates, and assisting in recruiting and organizing volunteers or hired personal.

4. Act as team leader for Summer Staff / Work Crew during work projects
—> Oversee the training and managing seasonal summer staff / work crew / interns in basic facility upkeep and maintenance including mowing lawns, unstopping toilets, maintaining the pool, etc.
—> Organize tools and equipment for work projects
—> Order and ensure proper amounts of needed supplies, tools, and equipment - including a working inventory of all.

5. Act as point person for all training, scheduling, and organizing for summer and full time staff as it pertains to maintenance.
—> Organize and plan the scheduling, creation of procedure manuals, and execution off all regular maintenance of all systems, facilities, equipment, and grounds.

Secondary Functions:
1. Participate in camp turnover and general cleaning as needed or assigned.
2. Participate in pre-camp and pre-rental planning meetings.
3. Participate in all staff meetings and spiritual exercises.
4. Other duties as assigned

Performance Factors:
1. Attendance and Dependability: This position requires a consistent work schedule and organized maintenance schedule and log. This position is expected to be dependable to be at work on time and complete projects/duties as assigned in a prompt and timely manner.
2. Communication: This position requires effective communication both verbally and in writing with guests and other staff members.
3. Relationship with Others: This position requires a person who is able to relate calmly, professionally, and well with others including guests, coworkers, and superiors.
4. Flexibility and Attitude: This position also requires great flexibility and a positive attitude that can adjust to changing tasks and difficult situations.
Time Management: This position requires setting and keeping to your own schedule and to-do list to accomplish those things listed in your job description and other projects or tasks as assigned. Independent time management is key.

Example Schedule (Schedules Subject to Change)
Typical Week (Non Peak Season Week)
8am – 5pm with 1-hour lunch

Typical Week* (Peak Season Week)
8am – 7pm with on-call / as needed support

*Be aware that as a Exempt/Salaried Employee the summer/peak season doesn’t really have a set schedule. While much effort will be given to ensure that you have sufficient breaks and time off during the peak season – generally this time of year has no “typical schedule” and will include long days and weekends. We try not to schedule time-off or vacation during this season except in extreme or special cases.

The non-peak or “off” season is generally much more flexible and allows for a regular, generally self regulated, schedule. Additionally we want you to use your full vacation every year during this time of year so that you have a positive work-life balance.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



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Job Contact:
Corey Wilson
(360) 492-3451

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